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Weekend Eye Candy - 6/28/16

I really like this collection and hope you do, too. There are a lot of white rooms with gold accents, but a good dose of pink and green, too.  Transitional decor at its finest:

50 Favorites for Friday - Beach House Decor

Today's 50 Favorites is all the work of two incredible design firms, Digs Design Co.  (images 1-21) and Chango & Co. (images 22-50). I have been working on some beach style rooms lately, and so this is what I have been spending most of my time studying. I love the blue and white color palette, especially with occasional pops of coral, pink, turquoise, and navy.

Rooms in Pink (Blush, Rose Quartz,and Hot Pink) and Pale and Navy Blue

I love the classic hot pink and navy blue color combination. Always have, always will. I'll admit that when rose quartz first became color of the year, I wasn't such a big fan. But the palest pinks have really grown on me, and I especially like them now with any blue, but especially medium to navy blues.  What do you think? 

Designer To Know: Megan Winters

You have probably seen her work on Pinterest or in magazines. Megan Winters is one of my current favorite interior designers. Here are a few images from her portfolio. Enjoy!

50 Favorites for Friday / New Face Product I'm Hooked On (Boscia Peel Gel)

Two things today - 50 Favorites and then a new free sample product at Sephora that I love. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Use your points for it - you won't regret it. (And if you don't have free points, you should be getting them! You get a lot of free stuff).

Ok, first the rooms:

25 Wonderfully White Rooms

Don't you just love crisp and clean white rooms? All white is not practical for me, but I do love the look. I have been using a lot of white tables and bedding lately. I might not go for a white sofa anytime soon because of the kids and the dog, but I do love to admire them in other people's rooms:

ROOM REVEAL: Pink and Gold Feminine Bedroom (My Guest Room) With Sources

I am so relieved to have this room almost finished. I still have to fill the picture frames, and I'm considering changing the curtains to gray. But I don't want to buy new curtains, so it depends on what I have left over when the office is finished. Anyway, I've been dying to do rose quartz all year since it became color of the year, and this was really my only chance. I love the soft blush pink with gold and white, so this is what I ended up with:

Favorite Etsy Sellers for Home Decor and Women's Accessories (#18)

1. Gorgeous Custom Made Sheers

I'm totally smitten with these gorgeous fabrics: