THIS House Is a Dream.

I would take this house in a heart beat even if I could never ever change a thing, and I very rarely say that. It is the 5500 square foot Nashville Symphony Show House, designed by Wade Weissman and photographed by Alyssa Rosenheck. Look at how incredible this is:

50 Favorites for Friday (#228)

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a good week. It's so busy this time of year for people with children. I know we are frantic every year with sports, recitals, school awards, and the like, and this year is no different. So I have not had much time to write, but the summer is looking a bit more slow (fingers crossed). Happy Friday!

French Baroque and Chippendale Rococo Mirrors in Modern Rooms

White framed mirrors, especially in ornate styles, aren't necessarily my go-to choice. I'd normally think of them mostly for very feminine or shabby chic interiors. I don't think they have been used as much in transitional and modern decor, and they're not always the first thing that comes to mind in those settings. But that's what makes me really like them for more modern rooms - they are still a bit unusual and unexpected. I bought one for my office that just arrived, so I thought I do a post about them.  How about this first one – totally unexpected and simply amazing:

What I Love Wednesday - Outdoor String Lighting

I bought a few good strands of the big outdoor globe lights last summer and hung them around the back fence. Well, of course I was too lazy to take them down for winter. Shockingly, every single one of them made it. We had a mild winter here, but it is still New England, so I was really surprised. Especially because every other strand I have ever bought has broken even in the summer (rain, wind, etc). Anyway, here are some examples of where I'd like my backyard lighting to be:

Favorite Etsy Sellers (Week 16)

In this edition:

High Drama.

Every room needs some drama, right? Here are some that I think are good examples. I'll warn you - it's quite an eclectic mix...

Kate Spade Inspired Desk - DIY Wall Paper & ModPodge Project

You guys, I could not be more excited! Take two of my Mod Podge desk is coming out so much better, and I love it. Remember initially I used really thin paper and it was bumpy and didn't look great? The new paper came today, and while it is technically sticky back paper, it feels like really strong wallpaper. It was so easy (although matching seams was impossible, but I don't really care). It needs another coat and then I'll show the whole thing. But here is where I am at now:

Home Office Updates / 50 Favorites for Friday (Styling & Vignettes)

The table for my office came! I think I mentioned last week that even though I found that great one for 1/2 price (you can read the saga here), it was backordered until August. I was really disappointed. I'm used to waiting, but I really just want to get this project finished up for summer, so I cancelled the order. This one was about the same price and is the one I was initially going to buy, so I bought it and sprayed the legs and hardware (I messed up the hardware a bit, but can easily change that. The legs came out great):

The bench, the picture frames, the gold bookends, the marble tray, and the lamps are from Home Goods (I scored big today). I'm still working on the vignette, but it's a good start I think. Here are a few more images:

Etsy Twelve for Tuesday (Favorite Stores for Home Decor and Accessories #15)

In this edition:

Pretty Pinks: Pale, Pastel Soft Pink Rooms

I for one have not yet tired of pinks, and would love to see the color stick around for a bit in fashion and interior design. What do you think? If you are a fan, do you prefer blush pink or hot pink? I like both. Here are some of my favorites:

5 Gorgeous Modern Rooms With Affordable Sources

This is pretty much what I do for fun, so I thought I'd share these 5 rooms that I recently sourced (for less than the originals of course). Happy weekend everyone!

50 Favorites for Friday #227

You guys know I've been working on my office, right? So I told you last week that I was going to Mod Podge some paper to my desk. The paper arrived today, and I started it. I had bought two sample papers - here they are:

1. Close together dots:

2. Further apart dots:

30 Bright White Rooms

Hi everyone. Thank you all for the comments about yesterday's post on how to use Google Images for the best pricing.  Posts like that take a really long time to write, so I'm grateful for the feedback. I hope you are all having the lovely weather we have now in the Northeast - enjoy your day!

These are all from One Kings Lane (speaking of...did you hear the company is up for sale?)

If You Want to Find Products for Less, You NEED To Read This Google Image Tutorial

Remember last week when you guys voted on console tables for my office? I bought one, and it wasn't even one of the six I had asked you to vote on:

Here is is at for $1020 at almost every store (hereherehere) and a bit less here, and substantially less at Wayfair for trade members (here). I almost always end up buying from Wayfair because it is almost always the best price (and customer service is incredible).

Anyway, I had initially ruled it out for price, thinking I'd prefer to pay less for this very similar one (and the one that won the reader votes) and just paint the legs:
But I didn't really want to paint the legs. So I decided to take my own advice and do a Google Image Search on the one with gold legs and see if I could find it for less, or at least something similar for less. And it worked. I got it for $510 - exactly half of the Joss & Main price.

Here's how.  

Etsy Favorite Sellers for Home Decor / Accessories (#14)

I think this is my favorite Etsy post since the first one. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Colorful Custom Pillows (here and here)