Best of the best: 25 inspiring blue rooms by Tobi Fairley

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I adore blue!  If you've viewed my portfolio, you already know that.  In fact, I can hardly break the blue cycle because clients tend to hire based on what they see in a designer's portfolio, so I often attract clients who love blue.  I do try  to get them to use some other colors, sometimes with success, sometimes not.  Anyway, today I was looking at the portfolio of one of my favorite designers, Tobi Fairley, who also uses a lot of blue.  That's what inspired this post. I tend to just write about what  happens to be on my mind, rather than planning out posts (because something design related is always on my mind), and today it's blue! Here are some of my favorites -- all by the only and only Tobi Fairley.

In the past, many designers went with the "blue and green shouldn't be seen" rule.... I never agreed with it and am glad to see that one of my favorite designers combines the two colors, like in this photo, above.  I'm also struck by the amazing ceiling. (Some of these are maybe more gray than blue, but lovely nonetheless).

I so wish I knew the name of this dining chair fabric below...I will be researching to see if I can find it, and will add it here if I do.

I think what I love about blue is that are so many beautiful shades of it.  Nothing says spring has sprung more than this robin's egg blue, below:

Turquoise, one of my favorite shades of blue, contrasts so nicely with the coral/orange in these next few.

This photo shows that one splash of color in an otherwise monochromatic room can make all the difference:


Here is another chair fabric that I must find:

I'm also really loving this teal blue with cream, and the modern style horizontal stripe panels. Take a look the over-sized ottoman, too:

And speaking of teal, while Helen of Troy may have had the face that launched a thousand ships, Tobi Fairley had the chandelier that launched a thousand blog entries. Here it is in all its magnificent glory:

And if you need more inspiration, here is a great book on how to use blue in decorating:

Thanks for reading!!

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Vanessa Dawne said...

I agree with you so much -- blue is a beautiful colour to decorate with -- so many lovely tones & shades. Thanks for a great site.

Florence Carole said...

That room in the sixth photo looks marvelous! Glass windows let natural light in. Have you seen other fabrics used by Tobi? They're really gorgeous.

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certified kitchen designer said...

Photo #18 is one fine kitchen. Little bit small, but I like the color and how clean it is. I'd probably make it more spacious and buy a larger dining table. Otherwise, it's a nice-looking kitchen.

Toronto Painters said...

I was very pleased to find these amazing blues here. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff. It is really very hard to get these kinds of blues suggestions you appear to be know what exactly you’re referring to!

arrielle_p said...

Very creative. This design is truly a master. To those who work in there, they are all talented in making a place like this. I love all the photos!

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