Best of the best: Jessica Helgerson

Thursday, April 21, 2011

One of my newest design heroes is Jessica Helgerson.  I'm by no means the first to discover her....After finding her, I did a search and saw that she has been featured in Elle Decor, HomeDesign, FreshHomeElements of Style, and more. But she's new to me, so I'm excited! The room above is my favorite of her rooms. Here are some of her other amazing creations. They are all from Jessica's Facebook page, where you can see even more of her work.

Only a creative GENIUS would do a functional swinging bathtub, right?

I adore this next chandelier!  Notice too how the chairs are all similar, but have different backs, and in one case, seats:

How cool are these sinks that you barely see? They look like an architectural element rather than a utilitarian one (which makes for the very best design, in my view).

The black wall looks so fresh...not what you might expect with black.


Thanks for reading!!

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