California Coastal Beach Style in Interior Decorating

Thursday, April 28, 2011
I grew up on Cape Cod, a lovely beach community that retained its beachy feel even in winter.  I now live in another beach town about 45 minutes from the Cape, where the feel is exactly the same.  That feeling translates into all aspects of design around here -- the architecture, the landscaping, and of course the interiors.  So when I ran across these photos from various costal California residences, I expected to see more of the same beach style that I am used to.  I was a little surprised to see that the California beach style is subtly different from the East Coast beach style.  I haven't quite put my finger on how.  Maybe my fellow New Englanders can help me out!

Loving the free form capiz shells hanging over the bed!

The next four are by my design hero, Jeff Lewis. I would move into any Jeff Lewis house in a heartbeat, and live happily ever after!

How cool is the wavy flower mural in this next one? I love the colors and modern style of the flowers. A far cry from the pink and purple floral wallpaper (and shag rug) that I grew up with in the 70s!

I so want to do this to my family room, but I'd fall of the ladder FOR SURE.

Caroline Burke Designs

Caroline Burke Designs

Maybe these rooms have a bit more of an LA feel than the more historic feel of the Cape Cod area homes?  I don't know for sure what makes the two styles subtly different, but I'm a fan of both!

Thanks for reading!!

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design elements said...

i like the work of Jeff Lewis too. Happy weekend!

Poppy said...

Loved the Caroline Burke patio and Jeff Lewis designs... all the neutrals and millwork, too divine.. I agree I would move-in in a heartbeat as well! Do drop in sometime and say hello! lovely weekend.~Poppy

Andrew said...

Such a lovely creative collection you have here. I like to admire you for such a great interior designing.

Louis said...

That's very creative. I should definitely consider that coastal beach-style for my house. It looks fantastic.

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shabby chic decor said...

So many cool styles to choose from when designing your home.... the problem is usually deciding which one!

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