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Monday, April 4, 2011


fawn&forest via Design Sponge

Most of us have home offices now (or at least a little space carved out of the kitchen, spare bedroom, or even family room) to catch up on work, pay bills, or just play on the computer. So, that leaves us with the dilemma of how to make those spaces look fabulous!

Of all of the creative ideas out there, and if you read blogs you know there are MILLIONS, this cork circle arrangement is one of my favorites -- it is so simple, so inexpensive, and so creative!  LOVE the free from arrangement. And if you are luck enough to have a Christmas Tree Shop or Hobby Lobby near you, you can get these cork circles, or similar ones, for about $1 each.

If you have room to install cabinetry in a home office, it is always a great idea.  I love how this one has open shelves with baskets on top to make it a little less like a kitchen and a little more casual than some offices (what a home office should be, right?)

Tracery Interiors
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Here is a good example of how you can fit a small workspace almost anywhere!  This desk is used instead of an end table next to the sofa, but you could also use it in the bedroom the same way.

Christina Murphy, Patrick Cline Photography

This one is so cool it gives me the chills -- look how they used crown molding with ledges around the room in such a unique way!  The ledges, or shelves, vary in depth so some can hold photos for decoration, but others could just as easily hold small baskets or containers for supplies. GENIUS!

Black & Poole via DecorPad

Ok, so we all know Candice Olson can do no wrong.  This photo proves it yet again. I love how she took a long narrow room and wasn't afraid to take 3-4 feet of the depth for the cabinets and desk area.  Even better, she visually widened the room with the striped rug to make up for it.

Candice Olson

Another example of creative use of shelving. These triangular wall that so many people with attics have are put tho good use with the cube-like shelves and window seat.

Tiffany Fulmer via DecorPad

This is a tiny attic turned office. I love how the counters and storage are built all around, but because the room is so small, there is no top cabinetry.  And the white color scheme makes it feel deceptively large and airy. Love it!

Michael Graydon Photography
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