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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I feel very lucky to have grown up where I did, on Cape Cod. It has so much natural beauty, but I didn't even really appreciate until I went away to college in Maine (also beautiful, but a totally different feel).  I think I will always remember my freshman year of college, coming home to the Cape for the first time for fall break, and driving over the Sagamore Bridge to get onto the Cape.  I felt such a huge sense of joy to be going home, and not to any home, but to the home and area I was lucky enough to grow up in.  Since then, my husband I have lived in a ton of places, but have settled on the South Shore of MA (about halfway between Cape Cod and Boston). It is gorgeous here as well. It will never feel exactly like the Cape to me, but I love it here.  And although I adore my current town and never want to leave, I also love the town of Cohasset, MA, about 15 minutes from where I live.  All of the houses in this post are on the market in Cohasset now (see them here), so if you have $5-50 million to drop (no kidding - one of these is $50m), I hope you go for it!  Look me up when you get here...

Here is some of the scenery, and then the homes (sorry, I try to use bigger photos, but these started to pixelate).

I recently did a post on two kitchen islands. Here are some more examples of how beautiful it can be:

Here are two of my top home wishes...a mudroom and a butler's pantry. I love this has great contrast with the kitchen and is a perfect size:
Thanks for reading!!

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My Urban Child said...

I don't like how the pink looks with the green. Maybe a softer pink? Just a shade or two lighter. The green fabric is too awesome to change though.. Great design and elegant look, love it.

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√Čtienne said...

Beautiful views of the ocean through every window. That's one thing we miss out on in Idaho Real Estate-no gorgeous ocean views- great work on finding that stellar property for your client, I'm sure they will love it every day as they enjoy seas and skies. In Idaho, however, we do have some spectacular lake front property to offer that can give our clients a similar feel. I like the way you post and describe your homes on your blog-the pictures especially are beautiful and eye-catching. We may do the very same thing on our website. Thanks!
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