Two Kitchen Islands Are Better Than One

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

As a life-long believer that more is more, when I started seeing two kitchen islands pop up in magazines, I was thrilled!  Why hadn't anyone thought if this before??  I LOVE the idea that one island is for food prep, closer to the ovens and sink, and the other is purely for gathering, eating, and socializing.  If money were no object (ha!), I would definitely have two islands!

Here is my kitchen now, in the next two photos:

[WOW! It looks like a totally different room depending on which side you are standing on. Just noticed that and it's kind of freaking me out! I'll have to think about that one later.]

If I could do whatever I wanted (besides refinishing the floors into a deep, dark chocolate brown), I would make the current island smaller, more square, and put a sink it it, like this:

Things That Inspired Blog

Then, at the other end of the kitchen, I would add a more formal island strictly for gatherings.  I would make it more furniture style, and not even have cabinets under it.  And it would most definitely have polished wood counters, like this:

Elle Decor

How fabulous would it be to then surround it with 8 or 12 of these chairs:

This is the Stanley Coastal Living Counter Stool, $499 each.  One of my clients used these, and they are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!

I adore the idea of two kitchen islands, and think it would work in long narrow kitchens like mine, or in a square room like some of these shown.  A "trend" that will surely someday be the norm for those lucky enough to have enough room for two islands.

Ok, after seeing this one above, now I must find room for tons of wine storage in one of my new islands :)
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Anne Miller

Top Design 2: Nathan Egan

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Anonymous said...

My husband has been trying to convince me to plan our kitchen remodel with two islands, but I was skeptical...until I saw your blog post! Now I see the light, and two islands are definitely the way to go!