A Favorite West of Boston Interior Designer ... Rachael Reider

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interior Designer Rachael Reider works very close to me, outside of Boston, MA, but I have not had the pleasure of meeting her.  I hope to one day, as I am a huge fan of her work.  I love her bold use of color, either throughout a room or as an accent.  And coincidentally, I have this same rug (above) in my trunk to bring to a client this afternoon... it is gorgeous in person.

Rachael uses a lot of this plum - purple color.  I like it more and more every time I see it, especially in it's somewhat muted form, here:

 I love turquoise and orange together.   Here are some more turquoise rooms with orange and coral.

What amazing tile work!

 I've been looking for barstools like these all over:

 Adore the chandelier!

I can't get enough of this mirrored furniture:

Can you tell why I love this next photo? If you read this blog, I'm sure you can.  (Hint: the chandeliers and the grasscloth.  Well ok, that's the answer, not really a hint)

Orange is absolutely everywhere these days.  One thing I noticed about Rachael's work is that almost every room has some purple or orange, and sometimes both, almost like a signature of hers.  I've always been too chicken conservative to use orange in my house, but if I did, it would be BOLD, like this: 

And on a totally unrelated note, I was just reading Luciane's newest post at Home Bunch (one of my FAVORITE blogs) and saw this photo of a room done by Lynne Scalo... love it. One of my favorite images ever... maybe because of my continued obsession with white rooms and cool chandeliers.  I just had to share:

Thanks for reading!!

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Joe Sparicio from Asmara Rugs said...

Hi Stacy,

I thought you might like some of the ways other designers used coral in this blog from our website. We are a rug designer and manufacturer just west of Boston too!


Joe Sparicio