Pretty in Pink and Yellow

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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I love yellow, and have done plenty of rooms in it, and I adore pink, and have used it in nurseries, so why have I never put the two together?  Why does Kelly Wearstler always think of these things right before I do!? (ha ha ;)  I'm sure I've used touches of these colors together in nurseries, but never as a focus in a main room.  I love these images, though, espcially the ones with white walls and pink and yellow pops of color in the furnishings.  So after I do an orange room, this color combo will have to be next:

I LOVE fashion designer Betsey Johnson's Dining Room, especially the chandelier:

This is the Kelly Werstler image where I first saw pink and yellow used together so boldly:

I love this image below because I remember one year when we lived in Washington, DC, we hit the cherry blossom parade at exactly the right moment....the pink clouds of trees and blossoms blowing in the wind around the Jefferson Memorial and the Potomac was the most awe-inspiring, breath-taking thing I have ever seen before or since.  They say the blossoms last for a few weeks, but we lived there for 8 years, and I only saw them that way once.  I think they really are at complete perfection for only a few hours.

I really like pink and yellow with some turquoise or green mixed in, too:

This dresser is so cute and looks so easy to do with a little painter's tape.... I might have to try that in my daughter's room:

I would never have thought that Pepto Bismol pink could be so pretty:

The rug below is exactly what I was looking for when I did my daughter's room, but couldn't find...anyone know where it's from?

Look how the work area is screened off from the bed - so cute:

That's all for now.  But some of the images in this post remind me of other posts you might enjoy on Domino Magazine, Girls' Rooms,  and Paint Colors.
Thanks for reading!!

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Kathysue said...

I love pink and yellow, in fact I have a post ready to go for tomorrow with a couple of these images in it!!! It makes me smile!! Kathysue

The enchanted home said...

Wow you sure know how to make a convincing argument for this combination! Funny I wear it in clothing, hosted a luncheon with this color theme yet never really thought about it for decor and yet its gorgeous!!!!!!! Now you have me rethinking what I want to do for my little home office/computer I have to rethink my color scheme, cuz I am really liking this!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

I love pink and yellow together. I prefer a yellow room with pink in it, versus the other way around.


Yeah, I like yellow, our apartment is a pale yellow, it's a good background color, it goes with everything! Although I don't have pink in my decor, I will be keeping it in mind, you have such gorgeous decorations...hope you come by! I love the oriental part in pink I saw...I love oriental things! Hugs. FABBY

Barbara@HausDesign said...

This is a bold move but you have several examples here that I love! I especially liked the ones where it is a bit more grounded with black and the one with the zebra ottoman - very fresh and different! Cool post.

Anonymous said...

The rug is Madeline Weinrib. I just went to abc carpet last week to look at them. They are all fabulous. I want to get one for my daughter's room too.

Tassels and Twigs said...

There is such a load of colour inspiration here! Just enjoyed it so much and will take another look at pink in future. Lovely post.

Conspicuous Style Design Blog said...

Thank you Marisa!! I should have guessed. I wish I loved closer to NY :( Thank you all for the other comments!

Creative Juice said...

OMW! That second last bedroom, the bed was two skids put together! that is so neat. Not my cup of tea but cool.

Creative Juice said...

that second last bedroom, the bed was made of two skids put together!!! that is so cool, not my cup of tea but definitely cool.