Are You Sick of Burlap Yet?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

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I kind of agree with my blog friends who say that burlap is overrated for upholstery fabrics. I mean, honestly, it is scratchy and itchy.  But I still love the look of it, and darned if I don't go for style over comfort every time!  But I was thrilled to see all of these projects that use burlap where you don't actually have to sit on them to use them .... it takes the discomfort out and leave the style in:

And I can't help including these next few that you DO have to sit on to use ... they might be uncomfortable, but they sure are stylish:

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Gracious Spaces said...

I LOVE burlap! It's charming & inviting. May not want it as my bedspread but I adore it in small doses around the house. I think that it is a great way to mix up your home's decor on a budget but it's just a friendly look - and I love that!! Great post, Stacy!

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Wow! That was a burlap extravaganza! I love the texture of burlap but the feel outweighs any potential benefit, in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

Love. Love. Love burlap! It's on my dining room table, on all the beds as bedskirts, and in a few rooms as curtains. It's chic without costing a fortune and perfect for little boys!

5th and State said...

still love burlap in all regards except as a seat cushion. as one who wears a lot of black it is not a good mix. but with your inspiration here there is so much i had not thought of.

thank you for such an inspiring post!

poindextr said...

I do like the warm look, but wouldn't select it for upholstery or cushions because it's so scratchy and because of the lint. I do love all of those little accessories you've highlighted. Especially those Christmas tree birds. how adorable!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I love burlap and I love, love this post. You have a new follower. Thanks for all the inspiration. Mona.

Megan Hull said...

I love it! As a table runner, pillow, curtains, YES! I don't want to sit on it or sleep under it, but you can still get the same color with softer fabrics. I love the look!

Carol@SofasandSage.com said...

I have to say there isn't an image you showed that I don't love. That said, I couldn't live with it, for all the scratchy reasons! It is so wonderfully textural and earthy -- something so genuine and unadorned about it. I just wish it were soft!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

You know, I like it when I see it in images but its just not my style! I love color and pattern! We have similar posts, I just uncovered some mid-century decorating books that have lots of pictures of things that are supposedly "over". Stop by and weigh in when you can!

helen tilston said...

A beautiful post and so creatively presented.
I also agree about the discomfort of the fabric in seating.
Have a burlappy week

Kathysue said...

I can't believe this I have a post on burlap. It is from a different angle than this, but it is about burlap. I can not believe how many times you and I think alike, I really think we were seperated at birth, only problem with that thought is I think I am old enough to have given birth to you. Maybe you are the daughter I never had,hehe!!! Great post sweetie, beautiful images, Kathysue

Lauren said...

The look of burlap is nice, but my child is allergic to the fabric, so I have to be careful how I use it in my home. Linen is my absolute favorite and I enjoy using that instead!

Poppy said...

Thanks for sharing these awesome burlap projects... can't never get enough of burlap. Congratulations on being featured! Have a great week!~Poppy


Nancy @ dream it ... build it...style it! said...

Nope, not tired of burlap. Still love it.

Coley said...

I'm in love with burlap...not on furniture but as a decor item. We used it throughout my entire wedding and I use burplap runners on tables all the time.
Great post :)

mwaxter said...

I am kind of neutral on it, have seen it look really nice but cannot help but think of it is as feed sack!

Veronica said...

It certainly has its uses and can look fab as you have shown above! But not for my touchie thank you very much...tooo scratchy....ouch!

Love the candle holders and the birdies in the tree and the scatters and the...