Cozy Family Dining: Banquettes

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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I've never had a banquette, but I love the idea of them.  The only thing that holds me back is that in my kitchen, there would be a wide open space in the center that I wouldn't know what to do with.  I think in general they work better in older homes with smaller kitchens (since they really are a space saver), or homes built with a banquette in mind.  Here are some that I love:

I wish the resolution was better here. Can you see how the bench flows so seamlessly from the cabinets around the side wall? This is one of my favorites:

I adore this kitchen! Love the pop of pink in the throw pillow:

I love the ceiling, the arch, and the curve of this bench:

One reason I wouldn't use a banquette is if it leaves a useless space in the middle of the kitchen.  In this case, I love it because it leaves a nice pathway to the gorgeous doors and invites you outside:

If I ever do a banquette, it will be like this.  I love that it looks so cozy and inviting, and leaves the rest of the kitchen open.  You lose the room for barstools, but with two kitchen islands this could really work:

Other than the image at the very top of the page, this is my next favorite. I love the brick walls adding to the coziness, and the beams, lighting, and floors are just perfect:

                                                                                                      Image sources: Here and Here

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Barbara@HausDesign said...

Beautiful examples Stacy! I think they look especially good at the end of a galley kitchen, which you show several times kind of "warms up" the end of the kitchen as a natural gathering spot...such a great solution if, as you say, it can work in the space! I hope to work something like that into our future dream kitchen, but still playing around with you gave me some great ideas here! :)

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

What lovely dinning spaces, such gorgeous & YES cosy places to enjoy a meal with the family. i love that they are less formal & all about being comfortable. Great post

Karen T. said...

Lovely images! I don't like banquettes that don't support one's back. Not conducive to lingering after a meal for great conversation. Of course kids would probably always like to take the banquette side of the table. Of these you feature, my favorites are the lime green leather banquette and the very last one. Beautiful!

Exchange 2007 said...


theLENNOXX said...

Kitchen banquettes are super nice to look at, especially the ones you picked for this post. I'm probably crazy, but a wide banquette just makes me feel stressed. I picture myself seated in the middle, wanting to get up, and everyone would have to move to make way... (yeah.. crazy). The short ones on the other hand, are divine. LOVE the ones with the table against the wall, cafe booth style!

xox Linda