Two Designers I Admire

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I was looking through my hopelessly unorganized design files the other day, and came across these two designers whose sites I had bookmarked.  Although their styles are quite different, I noticed that they both use yellow. A lot.  And we probably all know from experience that yellow is not easy to master.  The first wall I ever painted yellow was the most beautiful, calm, perfect, sunny-but-neutral shade of yellow.  I was 23 and got really lucky.  Of course I didn't write the color down.  The next room I painted yellow came out looking like a school bus.  I've gotten better since then (mostly by sticking to the tried and true Hawthorne Yellow), but still admire designers who use it seemingly so effortlessly.  The following is the work of two designers I really like -- most of the rooms are not yellow, but there is still a heavier than average representation of yellow in their portfolios, which made me post them together:

Rebecca Bradley 

Thanks for reading!!

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Wanda Chudzinski said...

I like the stripes. Please don't put dots on the wall; you will find it annoying eventually.

diane said...

How about stripes on the chairs and paint all the walls your light blue to tie it all together and not make it look quite so much like a jail. I like black and white stripes (my mother hand them in her kitchen/morning room) but they are hard to pull off. Especially in the dining room. Keep your graphics in the draperies and furniture and it wont seem quite so overwhelming. Just my two cents worth

The enchanted home said...

Wow so many gorgeous rooms!! One is as pretty as the next, I will have to check out their websites.
Onto the stripes, if I am to be totally honest which I always am (sometimes to a fault) I am not totally enamored with them. You strike me as a pretty sophisticated gal and your dining room looks and feels fairly formal, love the blue for the chairs btw, somehow the stripes are giving it TO ME, a "cottage like" vibe. Its too cutesy for such a sophisticated feeling room. Just my two cents for what its worth. Did you ever consider using two fabrics on the chairs, one a solid and the other a stripe to fulfill your stripe fantasies? Just a thought...or striped drapes? I am sure you are going to do an amazing job as I can see you have wonderful and refined taste, I have faith in you Stacy! And do let us know if "Mary" answers....she goes for very bold graphics so she might give it a thumbs up.

Veronica said...

Hi Stacy. I had a good long look at your stripes and I have to agree that I think between the shutters they might be a bit too much. Why not have them vertically but fewer and wider maybe? I think that Tina also has a great idea with the chairs idea. Its a tough call and I can see you been torn here. Lets us know how it comes along and am sure you will make a good choice.


Veronica said...

Oh yes forgot. I had a good giggle at the barbie legs in the sharks mouth re the watermelon post! And swooning over some of these rooms you posted.

basketladydi said...

Here's my two cents!! Ha!
The stripes are great. The drapes...beautiful. The two together...not so much. BUT...can you cover your chairs in the drapery fabric? And do your windows need drapes? I think not.

I'll look forward to what you finally decide on. No doubt it will be gorgeous!!

Stitchfork said...

Love stripes, love curtain print and I love mixes of designs and textures BUT not loving the shutters+curtain+stripes combo in your dining room. Elemnts are getting lost. Can't wait to see what you decide on!
xo Cathy

Carolyn@SweetChaos said...

I am not usually a huge fan of stripes. However, I really think they look nice in your dining room. I don't feel that they are competing with the drapes. I think if you like them, you should go for it!

Nancy @ dream it ... build it...style it! said...

I agree with the previous comments: stripes and drapes don't mesh well together. If you love the stripes then maybe replace the curtains (maybe the blue fabric on the chairs could make for pretty curtains). Or, what if your stripes were blue-gray as opposed to black?

Also, a calming yellow is by far my fav. wall color:)

Good luck!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

The stripes and the drapes are PERFECT together. I like it all, but I would want the shutters in the closed position, I like seeing the lines of the shutters...I think it is quite MMI (marymacdonaldinc. Don't chicken out, do it. Stop asking people cuz it will screw up your vision. I think it feels sophisticated nautical and since you live near the ocean in that kind of a community, it makes perfect sense. Look through Marys book, and your room could fit right in!

lindaaburt said...

Hum.........confused? I think you know what exactly is bothering you about this room, but you are looking for others to give you their approval. What seems to be troubling you? I know you have a vision for this room, perhaps the stripes are just on the wrong wall? Is that pictuer too stimulating for the eye and therefore to busy for your dining pleasure? Or what is it that you are loving about it? Stop for a minute, settle you mind and listen to your heart!
Best of luck and I can't wait to see the finished room!
Linda Burt

Karen T. said...

I like the stripes, and I like the curtains but just not the two of them together. What I think would look good is to do stripes on your curtains, but make sure to do them horizontally (rather than vertically) to get the effect of the stripes. I don't know that I'd like the curtain fabric on the chairs (as one commenter suggested), but that's just me. And, it seems that I'm the only commenter who doesn't really care for the blue fabrics for the chairs. Maybe my computer monitor is not showing the true colors of the fabric samples. Everything will fall into place, however, and you'll know it when it's right. Please share what you decide.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I love where you are going with this. Try putting your strips the other way. Your stripes are conflicting with your shutters. They also have a horizontal pattern. If you put them vertical and a little larger they will look great.

Kathysue said...

Hi Stacy, You already know my thoughts on the stripes since I emailed you.I always say, when in doubt don't. If you really want stripes commit, don't do just one wall it will look as if you are trying to hard to incorporate what you think is popular. I love mixing patterns and do it all the time,but I think Tina said just the right thing. Your dining room looks more formal than stripes would allow it to be.Good luck figuring out what you know in your heart is right for you.
Loved both designers work, I have seen Robert Brown but Not the other designer, I will have to check out the website, Kathysue

PS read my post today, it talks a little bit too your dilema!!xo