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Storage is always a challenge.  No matter how many storage solutions you invest in, over time you often find that your possessions multiply to fill the space.  Many people love the clean lines of simple interior decoration, especially in their bedroom, and can become frustrated when they try and fail to find shelves or cupboards that will fit with their aesthetic.  Still others simply do not have the space for any extra storage, but have possessions that they need to tidy away.   Platform Beds from Storage Beds Direct could well be the solution for you if you have found that you have any of these problems.  When you have a storage bed, you can tuck your possessions away under your bed so that you need not think about them until you need them, solving your storage problems without interfering with the design and peace of your bedroom.

Two of the most popular kinds of storage beds are Ottoman beds and Divan beds. You may be wondering what the differences are between these two styles of storage bed, and which one is right for you and your needs.

  Ottoman storage beds are named after upholstered footstools or seats, that the 19th century English associated with the fashionable styles of Turkey.  Many of these footstools had a hollow base, and the top could be lifted up to access the contents of the stool.  Similarly, Ottoman storage beds are those where the mattress and frame can be lifted up to reveal a spacious bed base, just perfect for storage. Due to the spacious, unbroken storage of the bed frame, Ottoman storage beds are ideal for those who want to store large items, or prefer to see everything they have placed under the bed in one go, rather than opening separate drawers. Bedside lockers and tables will not interfere with your access to the items you have stored in your Ottoman bed base.

Divan storage beds do not lift up. Rather, when you want to access the storage, you simply pull out the drawers that slide into the bed base.  If you prefer to have individual storage, Divan beds may be the right choice for you, as you can divide up the drawers between different categories of possessions or assign drawers to you and your partner individually.  If you are the organising type and your partner is a bit messy, having separate drawers in your Divan storage bed may save some arguments, as you will not have to see their untidy possessions when you are getting yours!  Different models of Divan storage beds arrange the drawers in different ways. Some may have two large drawers, one on each side of the bed, while others may have two drawers on each side. Some models will have shorter drawers towards the head of the bed so that bedside tables or lockers will not interfere with the smooth opening and closing of the drawers.

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