Perfectly Planned Vignettes

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Phoebe Howard

Today I'm featuring vignettes by two of my favorite designers.  Vignettes are obviously so important in good  design, but can be hard to get just right.  These first few, from Elle Decor A-List designer Jay Jeffers, are perfect in my view --while paying so much attention to detail, Jeffers and his associates clearly know just the right time to stop fussing, too:

What a fabulous chandelier!

I adore the old world style of these next few:

I love this turquoise and orange color combo so much. I'm seriously thinking of going for the turquoise and orange when I can redo the guest room.  The good news is by that time, I'll know if it was a trend that faded away, or a color palette that is here to stay!

These next ones are by Phoebe Howard .... if you don't know her already, you must go check out her work.  She is truly one of the best:

Thanks for reading!!

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