ARCH-itecturally Pleasing Elements [Architecture Week Post 1]

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This week is Architecture Week - I'll have posts on arches, doors, windows, and more this week. I hope you join me, for what would interior design be without good architecture?

When we first moved in you our house, it was 90% complete and had a previous buyer whose financing fell through.  One of the things that potential buyer had done to the house was to have all of the openings between rooms cut into arches.  I immediately had the builder square them off. Here's why - the arched openings were really small, and you can get a larger opening if there are no arches. For example, this opening between my kitchen and dining room:

In retrospect, I could have have the builder enlarge the openings but keep the arched shaped.  I expect the trim would have been a lot more expensive if we had done that though.  That's what I'm telling myself, anyway, because I sure love the look of these arches, especially the ones with trim:

That's all for now.  Please join me tomorrow, same time same place, for Part 2 of Architecture Week.  Here are this week's other posts on architecture:
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