Swimming in Pink

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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I am absolutely drowning in pink today! But in a good way - I have a client who loves Lilly Pulitzer, so we are doing her daughter's room in that theme.  Some of the materials will definitely be by Lilly, others just inspired by her.  For those of you who haven't seen the new Lilly furniture line yet (which I imagine is none of you), you can see it here.

Here are my boards so far:

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As you can see, I have a lot to choose from!  My head is spinning a little.  I know I'll get it after stepping away for a day or so, but if anyone has any clear cut favorites feel free to jump in.  I love hearing everyone's opinions.

This was the chandelier that started it all. The client found in in a Lilly furniture ad, but unfortunately, it wasn't by Lilly. So I spent forever trying to find it, and finally did. I was so excited until I saw the price.....Are you ready? $1900.  Well, it is Murano glass. Stunning, no?

So, then I found these two alternatives that I really like.  They are each about $800.  Still quite a chunk of the budget.

 This option is 15" wide and is $350.  If up to me, I'd choose this one:

Next, the rugs.   These are the two that I like (especially the first), both by Lilly and from Company Kids, at fairly reasoanble prices, too:

So far so good. But next come the walls and bedding.  The walls will have wainscotting, probably with hot pink on top and white squares painted turquoise inside the boxes below the chair rail.  And the furniture will be painted turquoise (dresser, tables, etc), with these gorgeous knobs:

 Or these (much more affordable) knobs:

OR, it will be the complete opposite, with the turquoise paint above the chair rail and pink in the boxes, and the furniture painted pink, like this:

Of course it all depends on the bedding.  And although I love all of these, the trick is to get a bold, colorful room without it being TOO crazy with color and pattern. I think that's where I am struggling a little and need to step back.  My tendency in girl's room is to go crazy with color and pattern (exhibit A, my daughter's room), and that's what the client likes, but I don't want it to be over the top.  Here are the bedding and accessory choices we are looking at:

Look at how adorable this throw is! And at $228 it's a steal.  (This is a test to see if Husband reads as carefully as he says he does :)  I can't say I'd never spend that, but I recognize that it is expensive).

This is my favorite bedding, but then I couldn't use the hot pink zebra rug:

Alternately, we might make bedding and window treatments out of these:

This bed is from Amazon and is only $279, but the daughter already has a bed, so we will have a headboard made that looks like this:
If you are interested in the bed, it is The Juliette Tufted Bed - Hot Pink (Twin)

And I also pulled a bunch of inspiration photos. Do you want to see them? I hope so!

                                                                                                                      Image Sources

UPDATE:  Ok, I was going to step away from it, but I couldn't. Here is what I am going to present to the client:


Thanks for reading!!

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