Make-You-Feel-Like-a-Child-Again Rooms

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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I decorate my own home in what I would call the modern classical or traditionally elegant but lived in style.  However, from time to time, I wish I had a "fun room."  I see images like these and think "Why CAN'T I have a tree growing out of the floor?" Or a big heart dominating a wall? Or ginormous orange and yellow stripes, or an elephant on my dresser?  Or a teepee, or a lucite chair swinging like a hammock in my family room?  Well, I guess I could.  I imagine I don't because I might get tired of it.  But these rooms do make me smile, and I think it would be hard to be anything but happy in them.  So even if I don't go running out to buy rope to hang my bed from today, I admire these designs nonetheless.  Whether it's the bold color, patterns, chalkboard walls with silly scribblings, unusual furniture, or something else entirely, they make me happy, and I hope it makes you happy to look at them:

Well, this one might give me an anxiety attack more than it would make me happy, but maybe you're less high strung than I am and could enjoy it for what it is meant to be:

And my (and my son's) all time favorite:

PS - I was at Marshalls today, which I swear sometimes has beter finds than Home Goods.  Take a look:

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