Windows [Architecture Week Post 4]

Thursday, June 30, 2011

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I can't imagine what could be more important in setting the mood of a house than windows.  You don't see too many depressing gloomy houses that are made of glass.  Humans are obviously drawn to the outdoors, even if it is just to look at it.  That reminds me of a very funny story.  There is a little boy that I know (not mine) who went on a nature walk with the mother of one of his friends and a group of boys.  They hiked over rivers, in the mud, looked for worms and frogs, etc.  At the end of the walk, the boy said to his friend's mom, "Thank you SO much for taking me on this mud walk. My mom would never do this. She's way to pretty."  Like me, that mom might rather look at nature from indoors than experience it in all of its glory (I mean the buggy, muddy, gross kind).  Here are some windows that she and I can sit by and observe nature through:

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