The Most Important Room in the Home

Friday, July 15, 2011

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What is the most important room in your house?  For me, it is our bedroom.  Our bedroom is where we hang out the most with our kids at home, watching movies or sports, reading to them, or just talking. Of course we spend time in the family room, kitchen, and outside, but it seems that we are so busy that many nights we get home, eat dinner, and it is bedtime, so they are up in our room with us having "quiet time" before bed (mostly because we all fit in the bed....we could do it in their rooms, but they like to be together and we've just fallen into this habit of having bedtime routine in our room, and I love it).  While the kids have never slept in bed with us, they do occasionally fall asleep in our room and then we carry them to their beds.  It is also the room where they feel the most safe, I think, because when we leave them with a babysitter, they always fall asleep together in our bed before we get home.  Our bedroom is also the room that my ten year old son chooses to talk to me in about issues or concerns he might be having.  He could come to me in the family room, kitchen, back yard, or wherever, but I've noticed that he always waits until bedtime and lays in bed with me to talk.  More than just a place to rest, our master bedroom has become a family haven, where our children are always welcome (and believe me, they know it...they come slamming in at 5:30 most mornings, talking loudly to us before even knowing if we are awake, which we never are. I often wonder if they will ever pick up on this, or the fact that we moan and cover our heads with the pillows, but they truly don't seem to notice or care).  But I wouldn't change a thing - it is the most private and intimate room in the house, where some of the most important family moments occur for us, and it is therefore the most important room for me - the one I wouldn't trade for anything.

Well, that was something for everyone I hope. I loved at least one thing about each of those bedrooms, but you would have been bored to tears if I went through each one.  I'd love to know what the most important room in your house is, and if I'm alone in it being the bedroom. I love hearing your stories and comments!

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