The Allure of Moroccan Design

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I recently had a client say that she really, really wanted one or more Moroccan poufs for her family room.  My first thought was "Oh, no, too trendy."  But then she told me that she wants one because her parents traveled to Morocco when she was a child and bought one there - 40 years ago.  So, while everyone from Jonathan Adler to Target is carrying them, I don't know whether to consider them a trend or not.  Usually, by the time they hit Target, you can assume they are, right?  But I guess like all things in fashion and design, what's old is new again . The more I study up on Moroccan design, the more I find I'm liking it - the quilts and blankets, quatrefoil and other patterns, and of course, poufs.  Here are some images of Moroccan influenced design that I've been studying (and loving):

Master Bedroom Reveal

Monday, July 25, 2011

So I finally got my bedroom where I want it to be:

I ended up with this bed (you can click it to see the details):

The pillows were there from before. Oh, that reminds me, let me show you a before picture. I liked it for the eight years we had it, but it was so traditional and monochromatic, and the shades were really heavy.  This picture quality stinks, but it's all I have:

I kept the paint color, painted a lot of the furniture black, and changed the curtains.  These are from Target, $10 each. I added the black grosgrain ribbon (1.5 inches) with fabric glue. 

The mirror over the bed is from Home Goods.  The white slip covered chair came from the guest room.  I did buy the bench new from Horchow, but it was moderately priced (at least for Horchow):

Someone asked me for a link to the Black and White Zebra Print Rug so here it is....just click the image:

I had the huge standing mirror in storage (can you believe I wasn't using it?)  I had the blue/gray table, but bought fabric at Joann's for $6 a yard and made a fitted cover for it.  The lamps, which you can't really see, are gorgeous french wired crystal from Home Goods:

I also painted the doors black. I love it in this room.  After doing these, I immediately went and did  my kitchen doors, but they looked awful.  It made the kitchen soooo dark, so they are white again now. I hate when I try a project and it turns out to be a total waste of time.

So, I'm really excited about our new bedroom on a budget!

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