My New Color Crush: Pinks and Blues

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I've always loved pink and blue together. Admittedly, I use those colors more in bedrooms than anywhere else, like in my daughter's room, below.  It used to be the cutest blue, green and yellow room, but when she turned five she absolutely had to have pink.  I painted pink on the walls and hated it.  I think I just never got the right shade.  Now I hate the stripes and am about to paint it pale blue (I like turquoise better, but can't use it with that rug).  So, after the walls are blue, I'm going to change the canopy to those big pink tissue paper things (I feel like I should know what they are called, but have no idea).  I might even paint the dresser hot pink.  I want the room to be more blue and pink, and less green, and I think that will help. Oh, and the pink is NO WHERE NEAR as bright as it looks here!

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Because I've been thinking about her room, and pink and blue in general, I pulled together some of my favorites in this color combo, whether it be pales, brights, turquoisey or oceany with baby pink, fuschia, or hot pink, I love them all!



Would you ever use pink and blue outside of a child's room, or even braver, outside of a bedroom?
Thanks for reading!!

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