Craft Day!! Easiest Holiday Wreath EVER

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yesterday a few friends and I got together to make a wreath that my craftiest friend Andrea found where else but Pinterest!  Simple instructions to follow.... basically you just thread ornaments onto a coat hanger.

Here we are hard at work.  This first one shows the first ball being threaded onto the wire. We found that it worked better to straighten the wire out completely and let gravity help.

Your eyes are deceiving you - there's no way that there is really a bottle of Captain Morgan on the craft table at 11:00 am.

See the plastic package with the number "10" on it below? Do you know what those are? If you do, I guess you're a better crafter than I am.

So I asked what they were, and was told they are "glue sticks."  So I immediately thought, "Oh, they're so big! I'll send them to school with the kids and they'll last forever!""  I didn't say that out loud though.  Instead, I said "Well, how do you get the glue out?"  Dead silence.  Ok, like I was born knowing what a hot glue gun is and what it's accompanying glue sticks look like??  See, I'm sooooo not a good crafter, so if I can do this wreath, so can you!

Here are the ever so simple instructions, and them some finished photos:
1. Get  a wire coat hanger (not the white ones -  we learned through trial and error that those are too weak and the gold ones work better).
2. Straighten it out into a line.
3. Add 100 or so unbreakable ornament balls by threading the coat hanger through the top of the ornament.  Our most frugal crafter got her balls at Target for $7!  The wreaths that come out best (needless to say, not mine) were the ones where my anal friends took the time to thread them in a pattern.  We used about 100 balls. 
4. When you are done, bend the wire back into a circle, use the coat hanger hook as the hook to hang it from, add some ribbon, and you're done!

The results:

Needless to say, the "ball" jokes were merciless.  Here's just a PG sampling: "Don't break my balls," "Your balls are so shiny," "My balls feel so smooth," etc. etc.  Good thing we weren't drinking, it would have been so much worse :)

And which one is mine you might ask?  The worst one.  Patience is not one of my strengths!

My friend Andrea, crafter extraordinaire, is also a professional seamstress. She started her business by repairing the canvas cushions on boats -- how genius is that?  No one was really doing it, and boaters had to replace their cushions for a ton of money every couple of seasons rather than just get them fixed.  She later expanded into all areas of sewing, and is amazing. If you are local and need a seamstress, you must check her out at Canvas and Cushion.
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Design Crush: Zoe Feldman

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zoe Feldman did a house in Georgetown that was featured on Houzz last week, and as soon as I saw it I knew she would be one of my new favorites. A visit to her site confirmed it. As you'll see below, she does everything from traditional papers to lacquered walls, all with great attention to details and stunning results.

I also wanted to mention, and perhaps you've noticed it in my sidebar already, but Houzz recently asked me to be a part of their "Guest Picks."  I'll be contributing an Idea Book each month chock full of great products, with a new theme each month.  My first one, "Bringing Home the Gold," was recently featured here.  I am very honored and thankful to Houzz for selecting me!

Ok, on to Zoe Feldman's work:

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I hope you'll visit my store for Rugs, Lighting, Art, Furniture and more:


,Must See Daily Deals at One Kings Lane!