Could YOU say no to this?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

This face I mean?

Let me back up.  It started as a normal day several weeks ago.  I had my two children and the children of a friend who was stuck in a bind and needed a babysitter for the day.  Since her youngest is a very active 3 year old, I figured I was not going to get much done around the house. So, I decided to tackle the mountain of things that needed to go to the dump.

I piled the car full of our old furniture, lamps, etc., and headed with all four kids to the "swap shop" at our dump.  Do you have that? Where you leave your usable items for the first takers? Well, ours is quite popular and things disappear within minutes. 

I pulled in about 20 yards from the swap shop when my 6 year old daughter started screaming, and I mean screaming, "LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!"   She then literally jumped out of the car and started running away before the car had even stopped moving.

This is what she had seen:

An old desk with a matching chair.  It was hard to tell from the car if it was any good, but that didn't matter to her.  What also didn't matter was that there was already a man inspecting the desk - opening drawers, etc., clearly inerested in it.  Well, as I said, my daughter had jumped from the car before it was even fully stopped (don't worry, she got a big saftely lecture, but really can you blame her?)  I was busy yelling out the window "Wait for Mommy! Wait! That man is already there! Wait your turn!" 

I got the toddler out of his car seat and ran over just in time to hear my daughter saying
"Please Mister! Please! Please please please let me have this desk! Oh please! It's my dream desk! Please! I need it!"  

OMG holy mortification.   I jumped right in of course and said, "NO honey! He was here first," and to the man, "I'm so sorry - I know you were looking at that and of course it's yours if you want it."  Well, he barely even acknowledged me, turned and walked away, got in his car, and left.  I suspect that  he really wanted the desk but couldn't say no to the begging little girl who was now sitting in the chair AT THE DUMP and opening the drawers of her new desk and putting the crayons that she had brought to the dump with her into it.  So, we scored a new desk.  For free!

But then there was the issue of getting it home.  Let's just say mega-nightmare and leave it at that.

Even though the desk was a mess, it was so heavy and well made - quite a good piece of furniture -- and it fit perfectly in her room, so I was thrilled.  Here it is in it's sorry "before" shape:

Sanding, primer, paint, and some new hardware, and here it is now, minus the seat cushion, which still needs fabric:

So, to the man at the dump who apparently couldn't say no to my sweet-but-sometimes-pushy-daughter, THANK YOU!! You made one little girl (and her mommy) very happy!

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50 Favorites for Friday (#9)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Here are my 50 favorite images that didn't fit into any other posts this week.  I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

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