Beautiful Wall Murals for the Home

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What better way to make a room unique and original than to add a mural?  I actually painted a huge, and I mean huge, 45' x 8' mural for my kids when I was pregnant with my second. You know, nesting instincts and all.  It was a childish underwater scene with sharks, fish, etc., along the length of the house in the finished basement.  It came out really cute, but can you believe I have no photos of it?  And of course it's gone -- I loved it, but it was so childish, so I got rid of it after a few years.  I'm very mad at myself for not taking photos.  I don't know what I was thinking. But I'll always remember my baby girl pointing at it and saying "fish" (sounding like "shish") for the first time, and using it to learn her colors.

These next two were just completed at a clients house (by a professional of course - I could never do these). Aren't they amazing? They are on the closet door in the kids' rooms, and were done by Renee MacMurray:

And look at what fellow blogger / new friend Jean at Flower Hill Design did in her walk in closet, below.

Isn't that amazing?? Go here for the reveal and here for the tutorial - you'll be impressed!

Here are some more murals photos that I've been collecting:


LOVE how the shelves are designed into this one:


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