Fretwork and Chinese Chippendale Chairs

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Doesn't it seem like fretwork is everywhere? I love it, especially in chairs.  As I'm sure most of you know, Thomas Chippendale popularized it in his chairs, which were sold and replicated extensively in  England and America.  Some of his work was inspired by Chinese metalwork and woodwork and is called "Chinese Chippendale."  That is the fretwork style that I love best, and what most of these photos represent, although I couldn't help also throwing in some O'verlays, bookcases, and accessories:


And my favorites, which I so wish I could buy (click image for more information):

And I can't get over these, at only $218 a PAIR!! I've bought this brand before and it's been good, but I haven't bought these exact ones (but I would give them a try if I needed bar stools):

Click Image

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My New Family Room Plan

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I think I've mentioned a few times that I'm changing some things in my family room:

I may have understated things :) 

First, the floors are going to be a deep chocolate brown in a few weeks, like these:

Next, I'm changing the furniture and rug.  I'm pretty much copying one of my favorite rooms of all time, by Nate Berkus:

Well, not copying entirely, but certainly copying the feel. Oh, and the rug.  I got the exact same rug on ebay.... I'm so excited!!!  I'd been looking at the Ralph Lauren one at Horchow/Neiman's for a loooooong time, but could never justify the cost, so I was thrilled to find this "copy."  I know the Ikea one is the same, too, but it's been out of stock in my area forEVER.

Next, the furniture.  I ordered new furniture at a local store in dark gray and white.  I got this sofa in a white fabric that has the littlest bit of a sparkle woven into it.  Much prettier than the fabric pictured, in my opinion:

I also ordered two loveseats in dark gray velvety fabric.  These will go across from each other where the blue chairs and white loveseat are now.  This is the closest image I can find to the ones I ordered - love the bench seat:

But the fabric (and floors and layout) looks more like this:

The center tables are these bunching tables - four of them in a square so they can be pulled over to put a computer, food, etc. on:

Click this image to go to product

Here they are in the room, although the floors and furniture haven't changed yet....I think they'll look better with the new style room:

 Finally, the console behind the main sofa will be this:

Can you see the Nate influences?  I ran out of money, but if I could I would add an etagere like one of  these:

And a bar cart like one of these:

And a couple of fretwork chairs like these for near the fireplace:

So, it will look like this, but with the main sofa being white, not beige:

And I'll most certainly be painting, and most probably it will be white.  Here are the many, many inspiration photos that I pulled from:

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