Gulf of Mexico Dream Home

Monday, April 16, 2012

True story:
Me, to my six year old daughter:  "Honey, you are so pretty! I wish I was as beautiful as you are."
Daughter: "That's ok Mommy. [pause] I'm sure you used to be."
I don't have a segue after that one. So, I saw this home for sale on the Gulf of Mexico and instantly fell in love. I love everything about this house! I hope you enjoy this little tour:

I also ran across these images of a gorgeous living room and dining room of another home for sale in Texas. Aren't these amazing?  I love the openness and the windows:


Thanks for reading!!

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Ginny K. said...

Oh Stacy! Thank you for that sharing that story! It made my day. I love six-year old girls!

Beautiful rooms too!

Giovanna said...

Wow! Loving this house! The first bedroom and balcony area are amazing!

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PURA VIDA said...

whoops...very bachelor vibe!