Peacock Feathers

Sunday, April 1, 2012

First off, I hit a milestone today, one day before my one year blogging anniversary-- 1000 Facebook followers! Thank you so, so much to ALL of you who visit and's been a great year, and I have you to thank for it :)

So don't you just love my witty and creative post title?  Seriously, I'm just completely drained today, and literally can't think of anything to say, other than that I wanted to show you these cool Etsy stores specializing in Peacock feathers. I hope you think they are as creative and amazing as I do: 

WOW! Can you imagine a tablecloth made entirely of feathers? Probably wouldn't last long in my house. I have a very curious six year old :)  But just LOOK at that gorgeous workmanship!

Oh how I wish I had somewhere to wear THIS (my next PTO meeting maybe?) --

And these at Pillows and Totes:

And this at Lab Designs

Is this gorgeous or what? By Gami Works

Again, super cool, but wouldn't last two seconds in my house. By All 4 Brides



Husband, are you reading? I LOVE this (by Paulownias)

So what do you think of peacock feathers?  Here for good, or just a fad?

Thanks for reading!!

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Acquired Objects said...

Happy blog-a-versary Stacy and congratulations on your 1000 followers! That peacock table cloth is out of this world! I saw a pillow and handbag I would love to have but like you wouldn't last in my house. These are just beautiful!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Michele said...

Love Peacock feathers, colors etc. Thank you! Love that pillow and clutch bag.

Cynthia said...

Very pretty pictures. The colors are beautiful.

PURA VIDA said...

Oh I miss Lola and mr. Cutie pie, no wonder I wanted peacocks to roam my yard.beautiful!. Congrtas on your follows

Just Spiff It said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I love to read your blog everyday!
Love that peacock pillow!

brendam said...

I love peacocks as inspiration for design, but not the real thing. I can't wrap my head around killing the bird for its feathers...although to be truthful, I have a down duvet. Hypocritical for sure I know! A beautiful post non-the-less:)

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

That peacock tablecloth is outrageous. So glamourous. Paul

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Happy anniversary, Stacy! You have a great blog, so it is no surprise how fast you have grown!
I love the pillows and the handbag. I bet it took forever to make the table covers and the dress.
Happy Sunday,

Kathysue said...

Stacy I have a friend that loves peacocks so I am sending this post to her, xo Kathysue

Coley said...

I love peacock feathers, I have them incorporated into my decor all over. Congrats on all your followers!

Coley @

Alpha Blonde said...

My cat would have a field day with those feathers! lol Congratulations on the 1000 followers!!

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

I don't know where I was when you updated your blog, but it looks great! I love peacock feathers and have never seen anything this amazing (tablecloths!). Hope you get a good nights sleep for a change!

lvroftiques said...

KathySue sent me over and I'm in peacock heaven! Congratulations on your blog anniversary! And 1000 followers!
That peacock tablecloth is just stunning!! And as for fad or not? All I can say is "not for me!" The Victorians used them in decor so that would be a pretty good run for a "fad" don'tcha think? *winks*...OK I'm off to look at all the lovelies one more time...Vanna

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Congrats on your blogaversary!!...and your 1,000 milestone...AND, I need to mention that I love your new header and new look...gorgeous! I have so enjoyed your blog since getting on the blogosphere...

Love the images of the peacock feathers...they are always a classic!

xinex said...

KathySue sent me over here and I'm so glad she did. That peacock tablecloth is fabulous, actually all the peacock products are exceptional. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on your blogaversary and numerous followers.....Christine

Maria at said...

OMG this is so beautyful..I love peacocks..their tales are divine haha. Hope eerything is ok with you. Here in Sweden its easter weekend soon, im gonna eat some chocolate bunnys hi hi.
Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis