Dreaming Big (Again!!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First off, I know a few of you are not seeing images in your email subscription.  I have been told that this could be happening for a couple of reasons: (1) you need to click "Safe/Trusted Sender" or "Allow/Download Images" or the equivalent in your email programs; or (2) the post may be too long for some email providers (Earthlink comes to mind), so you have to click over.  This is an Earthlink or other email provider issue, and not one with Feedburner.  Which means I have no control over it - so sorry.  FYI - One subscriber unsubscribed and re-subscribed and the problem was corrected.  I hear Gmail has no problems (I recommend Gmail over Yahoo, etc.,  just based on personal usage).

Second, did you guys see this FREE custom monogram from For Chic's Sake?  It looks great as a printout, but I bet it could be cut out and used as a template for felt to monogram lampshades, like I did here.


Moving on, I was browsing around  at homes for sale in my old neighborhood (Washington DC) where we lived for 9 years.  There are three that I would buy in a heartbeat if I could.  Although each of them needs to be "warmed up" a little I think...but still pretty fabulous. Enjoy!

House #1:

House #2:

 House #3:


Do you like them, and have a favorite? I think #2 is my favorite.

As long as I dremaing, I might as well pretend I can buy every product that caught my eye today :)  
Click the images if you want to see the products:

This for my bedroom:

This for literally anywhere I can fit it:

And this for my guest room:

Thanks for reading!!

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Segreto Secrets said...

I love them all!! what beautiful homes!! I think If i had to pick house two would be the one for me!! Have a great day!!

Haus and Home said...

All 3 are beautiful!

suzyq said...

Oh Stacy they're all gorgeous - how can you make us choose???lol
I love love love #1 -
Big hugs,

PURA VIDA said...

pure lux!

Acquired Objects said...

They're all beautiful but I'm with you #2 is my favorite. I am wondering why all the furniture is so far apart in that home???


The enchanted home said...

Fun..something to love in each one, love the white living room in the first, the exterior of the second and some of the rooms though I found it odd the furniture as Debra said is spaced so far from each other...all stunning!Love that daybed at the end...so pretty!!

Kathysue said...

I love your big dreams, who knows,maybe someday!! xo Kathysue

Cluny Grey said...

Hi, Stacy,
Just back from Paris! I finally subscribed again through email.
I love all 3 of these, but I like something about the architecture of number 3's interior. You're right; they all need to be warmed up!
Okay, I've got some catching up to do on my reading here!
Hugs, Cluny

Barbara@HausDesign said...

I love them all - agreed that they need a bit of warming up but I'm assuming that's because they are staged. I'd take any of them in a heartbeat too!

Tutti Chic said...

what absolutely beautiful homes! thanks so much for sharing with...I am so glad I found your blog. It's amazing...I live in mass. too not far from the south shore. Love connecting with new englanders! :) chris

Danielle said...

I love looking at houses. I have my NE moves search set to way higher priced houses because I love looking at how they are decorated. I like house number 1 the best :)

Splendid Sass said...

Yes, Stacy, I saw the fabulous monogram and pinned it!
I think I like 2 the most also, inside and out!
Thanks for sharing.

designindoor said...

your white room design is elegant...perfect

carolyn bradford said...

I'm surprised at myself for choosing #3 but I think it was the exterior that spoke to me! They are all great and I could certainly live in any of them! I love looking at houses period! Love the monogram as well! Have a great wednesday!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Beautiful homes. There is some wonderful about each one. I love all the white wood work.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Dreams do come true!!...So keep dreaming!!