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Friday, July 20, 2012

Honestly, I haven't thought about it much. And I'm not proud of that. Even though I DO re-purpose things quite often and almost never throw things out, I still feel I should consider what the things I buy are made of, and whether any of it is recycled.

Here are some of my favorite green design images, and then a note from a new sponsor who makes awesome recycled carpet tiles. It really got me thinking!  Whether recycled, re-purposed, or up-cycled, here are some really cool ideas on how to decorate "green":

Seashells and succulents = perfect for any room!

Love love love this image:

Believe it or not, this table is made of cardboard! And it's beautiful!!

Reclaimed wood is gorgeous anywhere, in my opinion:

Lovely floors made from recycled materials:

 I ADORE this house:

 How cool is this leaf art?

 Great gift wrapping ideas. I'll admit I've done this, but only when I've run out of wrapping paper! 

 Pallets, pallets everywhere!

And here is a great note from a Sponsor about Recycling at Ground-Level:

Recycling bins have become a part of our daily life.  Many people regard them as a nuisance and resent the extra time we now have to put into sorting our rubbish, to others it is a delight that the powers that be have finally woken up to the fact that the planet is under threat.

In the world of  decor and design it is reassuring to see that at least some of what we throw away is being put to good use.  It is amazing to think that companies are making a conscious effort to create sustainable products, even what’s under your feet may have started life as a plastic bottle.

It is no secret that Nylon comes from fossil fuels, much of it is used as packaging and until comparatively recently would have been discarded to landfill. But the source product from which Nylon is made is a finite resource. So it was natural that products that require Nylon would need to evolve into using recycled material.

Many offices and home studies will use carpet tiles specifically for their ability to endure high degrees of wear. The punishment that an office style chair can inflict on a carpeted floor, can be likened to the effects of a farmers field after a summer festival.

One such product from specialist B├╝rofloor Carpet Tiles is based on the recycling philosophy. The core material used for the pile (Econyl70) contains a minimum of 70% recycled content.

The primary backing is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, most of which comes from polyester bottle scrap.

Secondary backing has proved a problem for recyclers in the past – the required characteristics for this essential layer haven’t been available without using new raw materials.  But the process that manufactures of tiles use the cutting waste to make the secondary backing, giving this component a 10% post-industrial recycled content.

It is satisfying to think that design and creativity of our domestic and work environments doesn't have to cost the planet!

Images here and here

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Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love using recycled materials...I seem to find myself buying more of that rather than new these days...Especially love the reclaimed wood!
Have a wonderful weekend...Great features today!

Cynthia said...

I really love the reclamied wood and that table. I try repurpose as much as possible.


Annie H. said...

My husband is a nut when it comes to recylcling and going green so its rubbed off on our family (to a point). Its nice to see the design world is going along with it, and wonderful to see so many pretty things that are kind to our environement too.

Splendid Sass said...

I don't think any of us use enough recycled products.
These images prove that reclaimed can be stunning.
Have a great weekend.

Heather @ my peanut butter cups said...

I think it's so promising that the design world is trying to be "greener." That recycled wood is just stunning. Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for interior designers, a major component of being green is to consume fewer resources. To lessen your footprint. Consumption is the problem. The 9 billion people on our planet currently consume so many resources that, if this trend continues, will require 1 1/2 earths to bring us all up to a minimal western standard of living. While using recycled materials is a start,there is still a lot of pollution and resource depletion in the production of things.In order to have a strong enough response to these problems we will all have to live smaller with less in order to prevent a disaster that will effect all of us and our children. In the immediate future designers need to do more with less, designing smaller spaces with more multipurpose furniture and objects that take less energy and resources to produce.

Designs By Pinky said...

Love the recycled wood especially. The rope furniture etc. reminds me of my macrame days:):) I actually worked in a macrame shop i the 70's:):) XO, Pinky