Doing a Child's Room? Have you Considered A Themed Room?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I admit it, I kind of like themed rooms.  BUT, only for kids.  Unless it's a tastefully done beach theme or something, I say leave them unless you are under 11.  What do you think?

This one looks suspiciously like a male fantasy room, not a little boys room. Do you agree? It cracks me up!


So, love them or leave them? Are you like me -- ok with the ones for kids but a little suspicious of the adult looking ones?

Final note: do you like these for my family room? I think I'm going to order them...only $25 on One King's today!

And Oh. My. God. Did you see the Dransfield and Ross sale today??   Un-freaking-beleiveable items.  I wish I could buy everything :)

Thanks for reading!!

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Inge @ SimplyFabulousChic said...

I wish I was still a child when I look at these fabulous rooms! :-) Oh and Stacy, I've got a question regarding your shop: do you also ship outside the US?
It all looks amazing in your store...
Thanks in advance!
Love, Inge x

~Carrie said...

Great pictures! And thought- provoking question. :) I like for rooms to have a theme but not to go so far as to become a "theme room".

The enchanted home said...

Whoa!!!!!! Some take themed room to new heights. I do like them for younger kids, have succumbed to them myself when my kids were younger, did a sports locker them room which was fun but by 12 he felt it was too "babyish" so we went to a more grown up version. They are fun, but you have to know like many other trends in design, they have a shelf life...lots of fun rooms here!

Splendid Sass said...

I'm with you on the themed rooms, and yes, that cracks me up (or something) to no end.
Love the little carriage for a girls room. Sure way to feel like a princess.
Great images, Stacy.
Happy Wednesday.

PURA VIDA said...

I like the theme rooms for kids...especially the ones with the murals..the soft ones. But hey, that's what I do. For anything other than that you have to be a little careful. I have a friend and her whole kitchen has nothing but those chefs...and it makes me crazy

brendam said...

Wow! How do people think of these things? some were a little over the top, but others quite charming. Growing up, one of my friends had a disco theme in their living room! Mirrors on walls, strobe lights and wicked stereo system! I just wish I had some pictures of it!

Fletcher- High Cotton Style said...

I'm not a theme person..unless it's very broad! It sort of reminds me of extreme makeover home edition! Love that pillow though!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Wow, these are some kids rooms! I like some of them. As I have no children I have never thought of them rooms. Personally, I like the beautiful room you designed for your daughter.

Have a great night, Elizabeth

Delta light said...

Whoa!!!!!! Some take themed room to new heights. I do like them for younger kids, have succumbed to them myself when my kids were younger and I can’t wait for more posts! When will you update your interesting blog?

Calico Child said...

Wow some real cute ones, some cool ones & some way O.T.T ones all good fun though :)

Segreto Secrets said...

I love themed kids rooms and have had so much fun working on them over the years. You can really let your imagination run with what the child wants--I wouldn't stop at 10!! loved your choices!!!

Sandra Lee said...

My granddaughter would flip for the barbie chairs.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Loved the kids' rooms....pinned a few!!....They are overflowing with imagination!..Loved the ferris wheel!!..and yes, love the pillow!...Have a great weekend!

Michelle Smith said...

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