Why a bed makes a bedroom (A Post From a New Sponsor)

Monday, August 13, 2012

As an interior designer, working on someone's bedroom can be one of the most challenging but also rewarding things to do. The boudoir is that individual's personal space and as such, perhaps more than anywhere else in the home it needs to be somewhere they feel at ease. For this to happen, you need to tune into and reflect their personality.

The function of the room also needs to be kept in mind when designing the layout and ambiance of the room. Some people use their bedroom purely for sleeping and dressing, while others like to indulge hobbies such as creating a home cinema within this private space. With this in mind, I like to work very closely with homeowners when working on bedrooms and spend a lot of time chatting about their vision and goals. Time and time again a point that is immediately identified as a central focus is that of the bed.

There's no getting round how important a bed is within the bedroom and the type of bed furniture chosen by an individual gives a great insight into the individual as well as their sense of style. There are those who like to position a large, imposing and luxurious bed as the main feature of the room and by doing so prioritize the precious hours they spend in sleep. Equally there are individuals who opt for a very functional and space savvy option that serves its purpose and leaves room free for other points of interest or storage.

 Some of the most enjoyable rooms to work on are those that are centered around a traditional wooden bed, whether it be a full-on four poster, or one with an ornate headboard. These are beds that tend to grow with the individual and can be redressed when and if the room's inhabitant decides to restyle the room in the future. So, you get a real buzz helping to pick out what's likely to be a permanent feature in the room and of course, in dressing it with linen to match your own vision for the room.

Thank you to my newest sponsor for this guest post!