Why I Must Learn To Tape a Straight Line (Painted Stripes Make Such an Impact!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I can do a lot of things, but taping a straight line is NOT one of them.  
Behold, my son's stripes - not straight and not even close to even:

I did a LITTLE better on my daughter's, but they are not exactly even, either.

My dilemma is that I really, really want to do them in my family room:

 Here's the problem - the 20' ceiling on the two walls:

Someday I do want to do very subtle stripes like these:

I might have to practice first to get them to look as good as these examples:


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graham the home blogger said...

I am a big fan of stripes but like you find them so hard to get right. Love the photos you have featured, you have given me some nice design ideas for my next project!

Acquired Objects said...

Use a level and a plumbob. I helped a friend paint stripes and no matter how hard we tried with a yard stick they still weren't straight. PLus it turns out the walls weren't straight but that's another story. Your home is beautiful you should be very proud.


Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine how to deal with 20' walls! Good luck. I hope you include photos on your work progress.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I once striped my dining room years ago and i loved it but it took me forever. My hubby was kind enough to mark the stripes in pencil for me but even so it was quite a project. I want to do it again - I love stripes!


Cynthia said...

I agree that stripes must be an undertaking. Try it though I bet you can dot it Stacy.


Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love those stripes...love the horizontal and vertical stripes together....really want to try my hand at it too!
I had almost the identical stripes of the gold and cream stripes in the next to the last picture in my hallway in a previous house...but I hired someone to do it....didn't trust myself!!...I know they would have been crooked!

R @ Rebecca's Roundup said...

I appreciate the idea, but you already have striped walls in two rooms of the house and some great striped accessories in the living room that look great. I say just go with that!

Calico Child said...

The kids rooms are awsome Stacy. I love some of the striped idear's might have to have a go, I did pink & white stripes in my daughters nursery many moons ago & thinking back it did look cute :)
Thanks for the reminder another1 on my list of to do's now :)

Heather @ my peanut butter cups said...

Loving the striped rooms for your kids and all the striped room inspo! Eeek about striping the 20 foot walls (actually any kind of painting sounds daunting). ;-)

xo, Heather

ps Thanks for the advice on the paint samples, just got done putting two coats of 15+ different samples all over the place. And my painting contractor agreed with your advice. :)

Haus and Home said...

I think they look straight! What about a laser level? Have you tried frog tape? I heard it's good for painting lines.