Oprah Was Right - Lighting IS Everything!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lighting IS everything.  I did a post on pink bathrooms recently, and you wonderful loyal readers, who couldn't think of anything else nice to say about pink, said "Everyone looks good in pink."  LOVE IT!!  Well, those comments made me think of candlelight because everyone looks good in it ... isn't it funny how blog posts come to be?  So here are some of my favorite candlelit rooms:

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Martha Stewart and her team tick me off with their effortless creativity amaze me.  Look how cute the candles in the open shells are (below)!  I love this idea, and just may have to go to the beach to look for some big, perfectly formed, completely intact shells.  

And when I don't find any, I'll have to head on over to Michael's for them :)

Holy moly...this is gorgeous!  I was thinking this could be recreated in my own yard after a heavy rain when everything is wet and glistening.  Ok, it'll never happen, but it COULD:

In. Love.....

Again, I have no idea who has time for this...maybe it's for a movie or a magazine.... but what a gorgeous photo! I wonder if someone had to swim out and collect them all:

I wanted to include this one because I love how it is tied with twine....so simple and elegant:


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Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. I think I'll need to light some candles at dinner, even though we're just having chicken soup.

Sherry Calamia said...

Such a beautiful post! I love the ambiance of candle lights!

Splenderosa said...

Stacy, I love candles and my budget is always blown by the end of each month, especially this time of the year. I love the multi-votives zig-zagging down tables, so simple and so beautiful. xx's

Taylor Greenwalt said...

So pretty Stacy! The candles are beautiful.

Kay dancingbrushpainting.blogspot.com said...

You've done it again Stacy! Another amazing post. I'll be pinning for the next half hour...

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I love the ambience candles create. Whenever I'm home I always have a candle burning. I can't wait to use the fireplace when it gets a little cooler outside.

The enchanted home said...

Gorgeous post!!! I love candlelight and agree nothing makes one glow quite like the soft lighting that candlelight offers. Every single picture is breathtaking!

Robyn said...

Beautiful images, Stacy! It reminds me that I need to add candlelight more often to my home, not just at holidays or when company is coming. Thanks for the inspiration.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Oprah is a smart lady...lighting is everything...I love, love this post...and I love those clamshells with the lights in them...I think it was Martha Stewart....great photos Stacy!

Scat said...

I love this post!!!!!!!!!! Pleas show more like this- WOW!