Quite Literally A House With EVERYTHING

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ok, could you live in a house with it's own spa, a movie theater, ski slopes out the back door, a wine room, and breathtaking views from every window? I sure as heck could.
I'd even put up with the cold for this Utah beauty:


Here is a great sale on Farmhouse Items today at OKL. Click any item to view the sale:



I recommended these from Restoration Hardware (here) to a client last week, for $750!!, and then then almost identical chair came up in the sale today (below). We just ordered them.
I LOVE saving people 50%!!!









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The enchanted home said...

Wow Stacy!! You aren't kidding......the vistsa, the views, that theater, the game room...its all over the top amazing. I would change some of the furnishings but the home is really incredible and to think you have skiing in your own backyard....I would never have to leave home!

~ rooms FOR rent ~ said...

STUUUUNNING!!! Crazy.. I could totally live there!! THe views are fantastic, not to mention that crazy house! I think the only time I would leave would be to visit the coast :) Growing up 30 min. from the ocean, I like having it close by for an impromptu visit whenever I need it :) Great pics Stacey! ~Bre

PURA VIDA said...

imprisoned in Utah...so sad for these poor folks!

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

Oh my gosh....yeah, I guess if I had to I could suffer out my life in that house! Holy cow!

Cynthia said...

Oh My Lord! That is the first thing that came through my mind. This mind blowing and is an out of this world house. Every room is better than the nerxt the outside living, the bathroom and the living quarters. It just goes on and on.


Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

This is a gorgeous home, Stacy. I love all of the stone and woodwork. It looks so warm and cozy... a perfect mountainside retreat!

Splendid Sass said...

YES, please!! I could live here! There are just some houses with everything, and this one has it!
Happy Tuesday.

Prudence said...

beautiful! a glorious bathroom... BUT I wouldnt' want to clean it. I suppose if I actually owned the home, I would be so weathly I'd have a maid!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Beautiful mountain home. You would never want to leave. Also, great deal at OKL.

mrsben said...

Totally gorgeous and elite! I'm afraid though I would demand a housekeeper as part of the package. ºÜº -Brenda-

Barbara@HausDesign said...

Is this Mitt Romney's house? Just kidding. :) It definitely is the ultimate mountain luxe home - you don't even have to leave to go to the spa! :) Thanks so much for your kind comments earlier this week on my design business - it means a lot to me Stacy!

Linenqueen said...

I become psychologically lost in a hotel that is passing itself off as a house.

Skies Miltonia said...

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Somerset Spa Lady said...

What a gorgeous place, I'd certainly like to snuggle up by the fire in there!