You Made My Day Lonny!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The new issue is out, and it is awesome!! 
Little things like this make me happy. 
Here are my favorites:

This made my day even better. I just ordered this for only $22!!!

Click to View $22

And I WANT to order these:

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e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

I would've picked these exact same images as my favs from this issue! Love your temple jar; the prices you can buy things for in the US are amazing! We wouldn't be able to source that her in Oz for less than $140. *sigh*. And the postage costs to have shipped here are prohibitive and make doing so a financial waste of time. Love your wants too Stacey....
x KL

Cynthia said...

Great pictures, I love the green bedroom and the chandeliers throughout the post.


Alie said...

Happy Happy Happy :-)) Love! Thanks!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Wow...such wonderful inspiration...great, great pics...and congrats on the great buy!..I have a white one just like the silver one you purchased..but it wasn't that wonderful price!!

Karena said...

Always love your finds Stacy, that jar is wonderful!

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