50 Favorites for Friday (# 53)

Friday, November 9, 2012

First, a big, heartfelt thank you to my friends Julie and Danni at TG Interiors for feauring my blog today (along with several truly fabulous ones that you should go check out)!

Second, I want to share some exciting news about one of the best websites ever - Layla Grayce.  Layla Grayce has recently launched their newly redesigned website. Some great features are that you can now check customer reviews to read firsthand information on product experiences and weigh in on your favorite purchases (I think ALL of the products are very high quality, but it can't hurt to hear what others have to say). You can also make a design board to perfect your look before you purchase (I do this all the time).  Finally, there is the Backroom Blog - one of my favorites to find inspiration.
Have fun visiting their new website!

Third, congratulations to The Faux Fae - you won the $100 One King's Lane Giveaway!! I'm happy to say that the $100 gift has already been sent to her!

Fourth, I'm really excited about my latest DIY (adding crystals to a chandelier).
If you missed it yesterday, here it is:
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And finally, here they are - my 50 favorites from this week.  Enjoy, and see you all Sunday! 

My favorite sales today:
These are the best prices I have ever seen on AF Lighting:

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And amazing prices on these awesome blingy items!
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My Favorite Deals From Across the Internet. 
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