Amazing Monogrammed Door Hanging, $28

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Have you guys seen these before?  I LOVE them.  I've seen single letters on Etsy, but not the full monogram like these.  I just ordered one for my front door, for after the holidays.  They are only $28 on my new favorite website, Very Jane.  You have to sign up to view things, which kind of annoys me, but it is SO worth it in this case.

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Have you heard of Very Jane? I hadn't until yesterday, and I've placed two orders in two days...uh oh!

These for my daughter for only &8!!! How cute are they!?

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And a mug for me for $9:

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And today the monogram. I'm going to be in trouble with this site - it's my new daily obsession.  And a GREAT place to find holiday gifts. 

And get this -- pillow covers for $12.95! Have you ever? I never have. Makes me want to buy pillows that I don't need:

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That's all for today - see you tomorrow!

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The enchanted home said...

WOW!! Such bargains...and so many great things. I ordered those monogrammed wooden designs for a friend last year from another company and they are great, I want one for myself now:) The mugs are too cute....thanks, going to go check her out now!

Michele Alger said...

Wow, just went over to check out the pillow covers...I'm not sure whether to thank or curse you! haha! Super fun shopping!!!

miss b said...

So many lovely gift ideas - I especially like those pretty mugs - stylish colours too.

carolyn bradford said...

This post made me smile because I got all of my monogrammed and personalized stationary and gifts that I've ordered for Christmas today and I was so pleased! I love anything with a monogram!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Hey to visit Very Jane...I have those monogrammed letters..but paid way more than $28...
Planning on using it on my wreath....

Mary Newland said...

So amazig. I too love Front Door Hanging Decorations.