From a New Partner: From Classic to Dramatic: Wallpaper for Your Home

 I'd like to welcome a new partner, Homebase, and thank them for this guest post. Please click on any image to view the wallpapers featured.

If you are thinking of giving your home a dramatic new look it is difficult to know where to start. Not only must you choose the theme and colour scheme but you also have to ensure your choices match the restrictions of your budget.

Changing small features can often have a large impact – offering a cost effective way to change your decor. A great way to make a bold statement is with wallpaper. Whether you go for something bold and intricate to really stand out or select a more conservative option, there are plenty of options and decorating tools from Homebase which can ensure you achieve a high quality result.

Floral Prints

The design you choose for your wallpaper can have many different effects on the room and evoke different feelings. A design of floral bouquets is a traditional option often associated with older properties. When used delicately in conjunction with neutral or subtle colours, this offers a traditional and classic approach to interior design which is perfect for those looking for a subtle design element.

The size of the print used in the design is entirely up to you and should be chosen to match the rest of the room.

For those with bolder tastes, this style can be given a modern twist to help it stand out. Combining the traditional pattern with a brighter colour scale and larger prints is the perfect way to retain traditional style elements whilst embracing everything that is cutting-edge about modern designs.

Geometric Patterns and Textures

For those after something that really makes an impact, textured wallpaper or designs using geometric patterns are popular choices. The former can add an extra dimension to a room without being overpowering (especially if you keep the colour neutral) whilst the latter acts as a bold focal point.

These are especially good for those opting for a retro interior design style and look really effective when combined with a few small accessories. Options, such as this Sophia Stripe Wallpaper in green are ideal for large living spaces and give you plenty of options for the colour of your accessories.

Wallpaper Hanging

Of course, choosing your wallpaper design is only half the battle – you need to make sure it’s hung correctly to achieve the best results. The right wallpaper accessories will help you with this and it’s important that you get everything you need before attempting to wallpaper your home.

Adhesive: one thing you will need is wallpaper adhesive. You can make this up yourself or buy ready mixed. Ready mixed solutions are usually sold in quantities relating to how many rolls of wallpaper it will put up – so you don’t need to worry about wastage.

Brushes: large brushes which are designed to apply the paste to the back of the paper and smooth the surface of the paper once it’s applied to the wall are also essential. Make sure you choose a brush of an appropriate size with soft bristles which will not damage the paper and remember not to mix your pasting brush with the one used to smooth the paper’s surface.

Table: pasting tables are an invaluable tool and help you apply adhesive to the paper without putting your household furniture at risk of damage. These tables are usually collapsible so they can be stored away with ease with when not in use.

Scissors: wallpaper often needs cutting to size and it’s important you have the right tools for this. Invest in specialist wallpaper scissors which are designed to cover a large area and cut smoothly rather than struggling with your everyday kitchen scissors.

Thank you again, Homebase, and welcome!


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I am ready to do something bold in my bathroom. Thank you for the tips.
Happy Wednesday.

Danielle said...

These are lovely. So glad wall paper is making a comeback!

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