How to Make A Crystal Chandelier

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I made my chandelier into a sparkly one!! It had no crystals before, but look at it now:

 Here is how to do it:

For an average size six arm chandelier, you need 3 strands of 36" long glass beads.   
I got mine HERE.
You also need the crystal drops.  I got 30 total - 18 small, 6 medium, and 6 large.
They are available HERE (I used 1.5", 2" and 2.5").
Finally, you need a spool of clear jewelry making thread
(Nylon Monofilament if you want to be all techy about it).
It is about $3 at craft stores:

1. Remove the outermost wire ring from each crystal - you are going to want to thread directly through the crystal to get it closer to the chandelier.
2.  Start with the 36" strands of beads.  String them together end to end so you have one long strand (just tie them end to end with your filament).
3. Start on one arm of the chandelier.  Tie the end of the beads to that arm.  Drape the beads over each arm and secure with filament.  I did two rows - i.e., wrapping it around the entire chandelier twice, securing at each arm.  In the photo below, you can see where I tied it to the round end of the arms.
In process
Beads in two rows, attached at each arm
4. Add the crystals.  I used three small ones on each arm:

3 crystals on each arm cap
5. Then I did one medium in the middle of the lower strand of beads:
One medium crystal on each lower strand (and I see I forgot to remove the ring on this one!)
6.   For the last part, I added the large (2.5") crystals onto the inner end of each arm:
One large crystal on each arm finial
7.  Then I cut all the strings and was done. It took about $30 and an hour.  Here is the end result, but keep in mind it is GLOOMY out with a Nor'easter coming tonight.
I'll get some pictures in the sun soon :)

      And once the sun came out:

   You know I'll be doing this one soon!

Ok, so I did it already.  I had extra beads, so I did a double row of those.
I'm not adding crystals because of the glass already on this one.
Here are the AFTER shots:

One warning about this project - stand on a chair if you can, or take your 4 Advil before you start.  I woke up with my neck and arms killing from the reaching to tie all the knots.
Sadie + Stella said...

Ok. This is freaking hysterical. Everyone thinks our breed is nuts. Don't they? Why are you doing this? Why are you doing that? We use uncommon tools and materials to get the custom desired look in our home AND get judged for it. Love this story! Thanks for sharing AND your chandy is amazing!

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I'm so going to try this! I was considering the crystal magnetic strands Ballard sells for my chandelier, but this would be so much cheaper and I think it looks better. That's so funny about your housekeeper. At least she noticed it looks nice. Maria might bling out her own chandelier!

Acquired Objects said...

I have to smile at this post Stacy because I thought you once told us you weren't very good at DYI projects? Your chandelier is gorgeous! This is such a clever idea!


pam {simple details} said...

Hey, 'Ms. I don't do DIYs' it's totally fabulous!!!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Stacy....that was so smart!

Karen Albert said...

Stacy, it is a gorgeous chandy with your changes!! Love it!

Art by Karena

PURA VIDA said...

your chandy looks amazing as does your whole room! very nice

Lana said...

I love it. What a great effect. I am going to go check out the link for the crystals.

Decora Adora said...

Hey, 'Ms. I don't do DIYs' it's totally fabulous!!!
I love your blog . You have a New follówer from chile

Cluny Grey said...

Stacy, I think it looks wonderful! Those of us who do such things are always looked askance at by others, but I think we are happier by far! Keep it up!
Hugs, Cluny

carolyn bradford said...

Stacy, I'm always impressed with your DIY projects! This one is very beautiful and I for one am impressed even more this time! Love it!

freddyandpetunia said...

It looks really sparkly-beaUtiful! I luv it, well done--you patient soul!
And--it looks a lot like what I'm hunting for for my niece! So where did you get it??

Danielle said...

I love what you did with the chandelier. Amazing. Very impressed. Your pour cleaning lady :)

Karen T. said...

The crystals add just the right sparkle and glamour to your chandelier! Cristalier is great! Their prisms, beads, etc. are so reasonably priced. Even with shipping their things cost less than what I can get locally. Great DIY project!

Beth@Makemeprettyagain said...

OMG. Amazing idea and it turned out Gorgeous!!! No way I would even tackle that! Give me some wood and power tools and I will build, but stringing beads and crystals??!!! Ackkkkk!! Seriously stunning job. The dining room is fab as well!

Jocie@TheBetterHalf said...

WOw, that turned out amazing and you have some great pix too! My chandelier is super ugly and have been brainstorming some ideas but wasn't able to find such cheap crystals. Pinning now!

We just got our link party up and running and would love if you came and joined in on the fun. Each week we are giving away free ad space for one week to one random party goer. Our main site gets thousands of hits per day and The Better Half gets thousands per week. Hope to see you there!

kendra kay said...

beautiful job on the chandelier!!
thank so much for linking up with us at an aloha affair! so happy to have you. have a great week-end!

Jocie@TheBetterHalf said...

Thanks so much for linking up and linking back last week at the Humble Brag! Hope to see you back tomorrow to link up more great projects and see if you were featured. Don't forget, we will be giving away more free ad space! :)

Nicole Buckingham said...

OH yes to crystal and sparkle and transformations. =)

Stopping by to say "aloha" from An Aloha Affair and to invite you to join us this week. We are now live and are ready to mingle. I can't wait to see what else you've been up to this week.


freckled laundry said...

Looks great with a little extra sparkle going on. Love it. Thanks for sharing with air your laundry friday! xo Jami

Theresa said...

Hi Stacy, I wanted you to know you are featured on today for your lovely tutorial you shared! Drop by & pick up a featured button from the bottom of the submit/ link-up page or email me & I'll send over code! I was happy to have you & hope you join in again! Have a lovely weekend ahead. Theresa

liaam ray said...

The decoration of the home is a good job and you should do this, it make nice look in front of your guests....keep this type post Good Luck.


must love junk said...

Gorgeous!! So clever and creative! I'm your newest follower-I'd love you to stop by and say hi :)

Nicole said...

This is a great project. I love how this crystal chandelier turned out.

Anonymous said...

I love it and think you did an awesome job! I make jewelry so I have everything but the chandelier and large crystals. I want to make one that looks like its nothing but crystals with the faux candle lights. As soon as I find one cheap that is ;-)