25 Beautiful All White Kitchens

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My first kitchen had cherry wood, beige counters, and a tile floor.  It was really pretty - I so wish I had a picture to show you.  But as much as I liked it, I moved on to white in our second (current) house, and I don't think I could ever go back.  Here are my favorite white kitchens - enjoy!

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diane said...

Great photos as always. You might enjoy checking out my almost all white new kitchen on my blog

The enchanted home said...

Hi Stacy...some white beauties. I don't care for an all white everything kitchen, it can leave me a little cold..I like a litlte color or some wood somewhere to warm it up but a white kitchen is a very soothing, bright and easy on the eyes room! Gorgeous post!

kitchendini said...

Re picture #13 - do you have any other pictures of this kitchen? Do you know what brand of stove that is?

Wallpapers said...

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John McLaren said...

A really great compilation of pics, Stacy. I've seen a few white kitchens which ended up looking cold and sterile. But, if done right, as in most of these pictures, white kitchens can be beautiful too.

Marble Slab said...

Creative use of marble.. very glad to see it.