Decorating, Table Setting, Wrapping, Feeding: Simple But Effective Holiday Ideas

Monday, December 3, 2012

Food presentation, gift wrapping, indoor decorating, outdoor decorating, and more.... Here are some of my favorite (and simple!) ideas this year. I hope they inspire you, too!

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Thanks for reading!

My Notting Hill said...

I'm having a luncheon Friday and you've given me some great ideas - thanks!

carolyn bradford said...

Oh my! I am never, ever forgetting this post! It should be labeled my "how to" or "what to do" guide for this years decorating! Every single image was incredible! Thanks for sharing!

The enchanted home said...

Wow Stacy1 Soooo many amazing ideas...makes me wish Christmas lasted a lot longer so we could savor the season a lot longer. Love seeing a big wreath over a mirror...many beautiful ideas here!

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

Those are good and different ideas! I love the layered oranges, limes, and cranberries in the vase. I also love the centerpiece with the red roses. I'll keep that in mind for next year because after the centerpiece I finished today I have sworn off glitter forever!

Haus and Home said...

Beautiful images! Love the tree in the french style basket.

Acquired Objects said...

Stacy these images have given me several great ideas for decorating, they're wonderful!


Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I LOVE this many great ideas...I loved the collection of silver/mercury glass containers and candlesticks gathered together with touches of natural elements...and such fantastic wrapping ideas!