My House: Holiday Decorations Are Up!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Here's how it usually goes in my house (and this year is no exception):

We pick out a tree, and Bobby sits and eats appetizers and watches football while Ellie decorates, Patrick rests from carrying it in, and I take pictures:

Ooops, almost forgot the outfit:

Bobby's contribution - jumping into the picture to mess it up.  
Man, 12 year old boys can be silly!

 Then the tree falls over at some point.
Again, no exception this year!
I didn't take pictures because I was too annoyed.
So, we picked up all the broken glass and decorated it again.
Here it is decorated for a second time:

This process always happens on the day after Thanksgiving.  
As part of the tradition we also make our first batch of Christmas cookies.  
Here are the kids decorating them.  
Ellie licked the frosting on every single one she made, as she was making it.  
We had a separate place for Ellie's cookies, needless to say.

 Here is the mantel that I did - simple, but I like it:

And a couple of  shots from the kitchen looking into the family room:

One of my favorite traditions that I started when Bobby was first born is buying each of them a snowglobe each year. I write the name and date on the bottom so we remember who it belongs to and what year we got it.  We now have a collection of 21.  Finding a place for them gets harder every year, but I love how they look when I do figure it out.

This year, I made this tiered vignette out of them:

Here is what I did in past years:

And a few tables from previous years (I haven't done this year's yet):

And here is Ellie's Nutcracker colection:

And Ellie REALLY wanted me to show you her holiday dress - she is modelling it for me here.  I wish I could just freeze her right this very second!

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Thanks for reading!
suzyq said...

You are so amazing my friend - over the top ridiculously amazing!!!
I have 2 snowglobes ( they'll be in tomorrow's post ) and I'm feeling very inadaquate lmao
What a beautiful tradition to have!
Ellie looks gorgeous in her holiday dress

Julie said...

Your decorations are gorgeous. I love the table scape!

Prettyinpink bride said...

you're gorgeus
i love everything

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

i just surfed my way here and have to tell you how gorgeous your home is! love the story of how you and your family decorate for the holidays. we have an almost 7 year old little girl and we want to freeze her too:)


Interior Design Musings said...

All so good, Stacy! I have to say, I adore that collection of trees from your past decorations! Also, I have to thank you, I managed to snag a rug for my guest bedroom for an unbelievable price from rugs usa. Thank you, friend for the tip!!! It came this week and I LOVE it! M.

Kathleen said...

The tablescape with the sparkly green cone trees took my breath away!Just beautiful! I can relate to the tree falling over once decorated. Has happened to me twice. Heartbreaking to see all those broken ornamentS. Take a deep breath and move forward!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

So did such a great it!

The enchanted home said...

Stacy, this is SPECTACULAR!! I do not use the word lightly...oh my word! You know I think your home is totally magazine cover worthy. And those table settings....are breathtaking! Too pretty to mess up with food, lol.
You are one talented lady, and your kids? TOO CUTE!

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

Everything looks amazing and your daughter is precious in her dress. I absolutely love the Christmas tree tablescape.

Kathysue said...

Stacy I love your stories and your home just glistens with sparkles, love that. I also love that you have a collection of Christmas decorations for your kiddos. We have done that with our ornaments for our, now grown boys. That is why I call our tree, the memory tree, not the Christmas tree.
I just made a snow globe or sorts yesterday. I posted on it today. It is to commemorate our trip to Paris.....

PS I agree you need to Pickle Ellie right now and keep her this way forever!! xo and Merry Christmas to YOU!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

So beautiful, Stacy! Everything look amazing.
Happy Thursday.

carolyn bradford said...

Stacy, this is my favorite post yet! You know why? I am seeing your beautiful children and your collections and just plain and simple every day Christmas decorating! What fun memories! Don't stop doing posts like this! I love the snow globe collection! I have one too but felt it was over kill to show one more collection of mine since I have about 1000 of them! You displayed your collections so marvelously! Wish all of us…blogging friends…could spend just a few hours at a Christmas party together this year! We would have so much fun! It should be at your house for sure! Much love!

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Your home looks fabulous, Stacy! It's obviously filled with love, and that's what makes Christmas so special!

Decor & Harmony said...

Stacy everything things fabulous as always :) love the picture of your precious little girl enjoy every moment :) Happy healthy holidays!

Cynthia said...


I love your decorations, you have so many nice collections. The nutcracker and snow globe collections are beautiful.


miss b said...

Just catching up on your posts - what a pretty tree and a lovely shape (I'm so fussy about the shape of Christmas tress!) It's so nice to start and continue a tradition and the snow globes are such a cute idea. I especially like your gold tables with the varying sizes of trees.

Diane Haynie said...

It all looks beautiful and your family is adorable. They do grow up very fast so try and freeze everything you can. Love that snowglobe idea...may have to start that for my daughter who is on her own for the first time this year.

Haus and Home said...

Beautiful. I love how you showcased your snowglobes, nutcrackers and trees together.

. said...

Love the wonderful traditions you've shared here Stacy. It is definitely these that create the Christmas magic! Laughed at the boy-bombed son does this all the time too! And your daughter and THE dress...perfection! Thanks for sharing these wonderful images with us all.
x KL

Anonymous said...

Lovely home and decorations! And your daughter is gorgeous...beautiful dress.


Mel@Georgica Pond said...

Wow Stacy - you set the standard very high! It all looks stunning and your house is just beautiful. Lots of great inspiration for me here!

pink*cherub*moon said...

Beautiful, stunning decorations but I must say that the most gorgeous featured is your daughter! She is so pretty in her holiday dress! Your home looks wonderful - I love everything! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Leena