Score! A Free Piano (Made Over of Course)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The night we returned from NC for my husband's father's funeral, some very good friends had us over for dinner so we wouldn't have to cook.  We literally went in our sweatpants and were exhausted.  But the kids really needed to see friends after being out of school for a week with the hurricane and funeral, and we thought it would be good for us too.  Well, our friends' daughter ended up teaching my daughter to play a few songs on their piano.  My Ellie had never shown an interest before, but got hooked that night. 
She. Had. To. Have. A. Piano.
New project for me, since the ones I was initially looking at were $5000, and I had no idea if she'd even like it in a year (and the price was out of the question for a whim purchase).  So I started looking at eBay and Craig's List, and sure enough, there were lots of free ones!  I did have to pay a mover and have to get it tuned, but it ended up being very reasonable.

Of course, although it played ok, it was quite ugly.  I liked the shape (small, low back to accommodate my existing vignette), but it desperately needed some love.  So I painted it. 

But first, the original photos on the day we got it (You may notice that I erased my son's friend's face - I love him to death and don't want him on the internet without asking his mom, who is not available as I write this):

So here I go with my black paint.  And yes, I sometimes paint in a skirt when I am in a hurry. My parents were coming that night, and I was definitely feeling rushed.
(If I could have spray painted this baby I would have)

Here it is after one coat of "Very Black" by Valspar, which is actually VERY gray-blue. 
That made me so mad:

So, I had to paint it again, with Benjamin Moore. 
When will I learn not to just grab any paint at Lowes? 
It's worth the time to go to the Benjamin Moore store!

Here it is all finished - you may notice that I spray painted the ginger jar, too

The table under the window is sitting there waiting for my husband to have time to help me move it - it won't live randomly behind the sofa:

And here is my daughter playing.  Isn't she sweet?
But she plays the same two songs. All. Day. Long. 
I need to get her in lessons STAT!


Look how great this "Power of Pairs" sale is today (and some things are available individually, too, Like the garden stools, which are only $99):

Click to view

And I love this colorful sale:


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Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

That's wonderful your daughter is learning to play the piano! I loved it when I was younger, too. It came out great and I like the vingette on top, especially the newly painted vase.

willandteresa said...

It looks wonderful! We bought a very used piano a few years back, and I had visions of paint and styling. But to my chagrin my husband claims the paint will affect the sound (I don't know where he comes up with this stuff!) and everything I have styled on top has "rattled" too much for him. Oh well, at least my house is filled with the happy sound of my hubby playing and singing everyday!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I am so happy that you made your daughter's wish come true....the piano looks wonderful..I have always wanted to expand my living room by closing in my upper porch and put a baby grand (that plays on it own!) out there....

Now, one must be a great painter to not have to use a drop cloth!!!...:)

Maria Foley said...

The piano looks great! I love the vingette on top. This inspires me to work on the old piano in my living room.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Wow, did you ever score, Stacy! I love what you did with it.
I am going ot find a piano myself. I have always wanted to play. My poor mother sent to to lessons more times that I can count, but it was just a little to structured for me as a child, lol.
Happy Sunday.

Summer for Swede Collection said...

Now nice you could get it free and also make your daughter happy. If she is good at math she will be good with music as they go hand in hand. I don't like brown wood either and would have painted it but with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in white because the paint is so easy to use. They have black Graphite too. Love how your vase turned out and perfect for the season.

Anonymous said...

What a super idea to look on craiglist, it turned out great and I know your daughter is estatic. My son took lessons for a summer and stopped, I am trying to get him to start back but at least he still plays the baritone in the school band. A word of caution when posting images of children on the internet, even when you blur out a child's face make sure there is no identifying marks on clothing or in the background....sorry occupational hazard to dispense advice. said...

What a bargain Stacy. I love the style and that you painted it. I swear folks talk about the deals they score on eBay or Craigslist, but I never seem to have any luck.
Great vignette!

Robyn said...

How cute is that! Your daughter must be thrilled to be playing. I think music is such a key part of our lives, I try to encourage kids to try all instruments at least once....except the drums! lol.
What a cool mom you are!

e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

What a great find and resurrection for your daughter. The little video is so cute! Love what you did with the jar too! I'm in awe of seeing you paint the piano in situ without a drop cloth...I am such a messy painter, there's no way I would attempt that!
x KL

Taylor Greenwalt said...

So cool....what a wonderful find. It looks so good black.....

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

You did a fantastic job painting the piano, Stacy! I held on to my piano from childhood for years. My kids would tinker away on it once in a while, and I rarely sat down and played. When, we moved to this house, I sold it rather than pay again to have it moved. I hope your daughter has found a lifelong passion and will continue to play for years to come!

Ideezine said...


What a wonderful post. Sorry to learn of your family loss and it does take a while to heal. What better way than with music to lift your spirits as time goes on. How lucky for your family to incorporate music in the mix and the price was perfect.

The things we can change we do, the things we can't change we can modify and as it turns out we really enjoy them the best.

Seasons Greetings...Happy Monday!


Haus and Home said...

How sweet of you to look for a piano and get one for the family! Of course you had to spruce it up to :)