What To Do With An Empty Wall

The number one question I get from clients is "What do I do with my empty walls?"  I'm not sure if you can call this a trick of the trade, but whenever I have a blank wall (especially if there is not a lot of other furniture), I add a console table.  I often put garden stools or cube ottomans, or even a Moroccan pouf or two, under them to serve as extra seating, and of course art or a mirror above.  I like the look so much better than art or mirrors hanging with nothing under them. Do you agree? Take a look:

I love the look of a bar cart, too:

The next two are probably technically desks, and serve dual purposes:

I couldn't help including a few that are actually chests or sofa tables:


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One Amazing Kitchen Cabinet Source!

This is a sponsored post, meaning that the company I am talking about hired me to write about their product, in this case Cliq Studios, an online retailer of kitchen cabinets.  Those of you who read this blog know that I do very, very few of these (only three up until now), and the reason is that I turn them down unless I really think the sponsor is a good company making a dependable product that is also a good fit for this blog.

Well, this is one product that I really can stand behind.  The company is an on-line discount kitchen cabinet retailer. What really impresses me about the company is not only the beauty and clearly great quality of the cabinets, but also the interactive website. They are one of the few companies that actually publishes their prices (because they are so competitive, I expect). You can pick your cabinet style, color, kitchen size, and additions like special moldings and spice racks, for example, and do it all interactively in full color. I played around with it for my kitchen, just for fun, and was surprised at how much less it would be to get new cabinets than I ever thought it would be.

Take a look, and you'll see what I mean about the quality and beauty of these cabinets:

The white one with the huge stainless refrigerator is my favorite, but I love the modern black kitchen, too.

When I got to the following photos on their website, I got a little jealous because I have a builder's standard kitchen, and none of these fancy storage solutions that would be heavenly to have:

I love the built-in double ovens, the extra large hardware, and hood in this one:

And look at the corner detail on this:

I really love this company and their website, and hope you'll go check them out!

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,Must See Daily Deals at One Kings Lane!


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