Furniture Love...One of My Favorite Sources

Sunday, March 25, 2012

After scouring the internet all day for furniture for a client, I have a new furniture love that all of these pieces are from.  Can you guess what store it is?  I'll tell you at the bottom :)

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I won a Holiday Decorating contest at this store recently, and used my gift card to buy this (it hadn't arrived yet though - back ordered til May) :

I LOVE this idea....covering the front of the pillows in a contrasting fabric:

I actually have this in my bedroom:

This reminds me of some of my other favorite stores:

If you read this blog, you know how I adore mirrored furniture of all sorts:

So did you guess Horchow / Neiman Marcus? If so, you are correct!  I think Neiman's and Horchow have both come sooo far in home design in the last several years, and I am excited by their growth and selections.  They've really become my "go to" stores for clients that can afford them.  PS -- I was not compensated to write this... Although I'm open to it if you're reading, Neiman's execs.....

Thanks for reading!!

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