Spotlight: The Amazing 3North Group

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3north, a group of 4 principals (Sandford Bond, Jay Hugo, David Rau, and Scott Ukrop), are self-proclaimed "architects, landscape architects, interior designers...graphic designers, historians, writers, and artists."  Yes, indeed - they do everything.  I'm so impressed with this design team.  It's no wonder at all that the were recently featured in Architectural Digest. Look at all of this loveliness and talent:

What an amazing amount of talent!

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My Favorite DIY Art

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I always think art should be personal, or at least mean something to the person who hangs it.  That's why I hate most of my store bought "art."

I needed something in my family room, and was really drawn to the idea of a gallery wall.  I tried painting things, but they were just so-so.  I looked on line for days, but couldn't find anything really good that I liked and could afford.

Then I remembered those apps where you can transform a photo into a drawing. So, since design is so personal to me, I took photos from my portfolio and ran them through the drawing app (the one I used was Sketch+ for $1.99).

Here is an example:


After running the photo through the app:

How cool is that? Most of the rooms I even liked better in black and white :)

Here are the rest:

Then I spray painted some frames from Michaels in silver high gloss, and matted them with white mats.  Here is the end result:


You could do this with chairs, buildings, places you've travelled to, etc....the options are endless.


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