Kitchen Rug Decision/Update and Family Room Preview

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My every day readers will remember my dilemma about my kitchen rug, and will probably also remember that I moved it to the living room. So, I was stuck needing a kitchen rug again.  I ended up with the Dwell Draper ink. It came today, and I love it! It's very similar to the family room rug, but I don't care.  Here it is, although the photos stink because my camera stinks - the colors are different in every image. I had to lift the shadows a lot, and then everything gets washed out.  The second is probably the most accurate of the kitchen colors (but not of the dining room).  Oh, and I know I need a rug pad....on my to do list.

So I know I have been promising you photos of my family room forever.  It's pretty much ready, but I haven't had time to do pillows or paint, so that's the reason for the delay.  Since you can see it from these kitchen photos, though, I'm going to show you a preview, messy walls and all.  The paint will be light gray, but I'm just not sure which one yet.  It's my last big project, and I'm dying to find time to do it, as much as I dread it. I'd almost rather go fight in Iraq than paint a room, especially one with a 20' ceiling, so I tend to procrastinate.  But here it is in it's current state:


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50 Favorites for Friday (#29)

Friday, May 4, 2012

First of all, I want to thank Debbie at Debbiedoo's for featuring my home today. Her blog is packed with great ideas and lovely images...please go check it out. I promise you won't be sorry!

Well, you know the drill - It's Friday, so I'm showing you my fifty favorite photos from the week. Enjoy!


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