Did I Ever Show You My Backyard?

Monday, May 21, 2012

I don't think I have, so here goes.  I used to have photos of the front of my house on this site, but I got some creepy emails from some guy looking to meet me, even though I told him I was married, etc.  So my police officer friend advised me to take down photos of the front and any address info.  It makes sense and I felt kind of stupid for having them up there in the first place.  Anyway, our backyard is beginning to come to life, and we've even found some new life back there.

Here is the back of the family room. This "pom pom tree" is my favorite in our whole yard. You can tell how illiterate I am about plants - I have no idea what its real name is. But I cut branches from it all spring and summer and it keeps growing and growing.

The plain looking plants get pink bell shaped flowers in June or July, therefore it is my "Bell Plant."  It's so beautiful when it blooms.  Here are the first bells coming out:

My daughter and I made this birdhouse, but I so stupidly forgot to coat it with gloss, so it ran in the rain :(  We are going to repaint it for sure:

I have a lot of flowers to buy, which will really make this look better, but for now, we are just so happy to have the pool open:

I love the brush that flowers every May:

Here are the only flowers I've bought so far:

I got these chaises last year at Ballard Designs at the end of season clearance, and we couldn't be happier with them (uh um, husband, notice there are two more to build):

Here is the pool last year, when all of the flowers were out:

Here is the side of the house, where we never go, but where things bloom best because of the shade:

And look what I found in the pool while taking photos today! At first I thought it was a leaf, and almost ignored it. But it's actually a tiny baby turtle that we saved (it would have eventually drowned, as so many little critters do when they wander in):

My daughter really, really wants to keep it, but I think I convinced her it needs to go find its Mommy. Still, this is her "I'm just about to cry" face:

We put this new deck in last year. I need a cushion for that long bench!

And a final photo with my daughter because she felt someone needed to pose in front of my favorite pom pom tree:

And my favorite and most amazing thing I've seen.  I found this in my front yard last week:

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Crusing for Deals!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What do I do in my spare time? Look at home stuff online. Every day.  It's like an addiction.  I thought I'd share some of my favorite deals with you - and these are mostly things I don't even need or have a place for - I just can't get over the prices!

Sorry for the hasty formatting, but you can click the images to see details:

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I hope you'll visit my store for Rugs, Lighting, Art, Furniture and more:


,Must See Daily Deals at One Kings Lane!