My Biggest News Yet - I Opened a Store!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm sorry I have kept this a secret for so long, and it's part of the reason I've been so stressed and so busy, but....I opened a store!!!  It was a LONG, LOOOOONG process that I started months ago, over the winter, but it is finally ready to share with you.  It was very difficult because I had tens of thousands of items to decide on whether to include in the store or not, and there were some computer glitches that delayed things....but I'm so excited to say that it's ready now.

This store is meant to encompass my design style - the aesthetic that best represents me and the work that I love to do.  After sorting through tens of thousands of items, and mostly excluding things I didn't like, I settled on about 3000 products that I love from Lighting, Furniture, Art, Rugs, and Accessories.

Most importantly, the store is meant to be one for EVERYONE.  I am carrying high-end brands like Global Views and Murray Feiss, but also brands like Uttermost, which work for people on more of a budget.  For example, lighting ranges from less than a hundred dollars to several thousand dollars....but you can sort by price and I truly think there is something for everyone here.  I hope you agree :)

Anyway, here are some things I am selling, all with a 120% price guarantee (my favorite part :) and no tax and free shipping on most items. Here are the Store Policies.

Today I am showing you some of my favorites from Lighting.  Later I'll show you Furniture, Rugs, Art, Mirrors, and Accessories.

Chandeliers (These are better prices than lower quality brands sold on Overstock in MANY cases!):

Since I moved my blog address, you can NO LONGER  click the images to go to the item, but you can find them pretty easily HERE.  If you have ANY trouble, lave a comment and I'll send you direct links to whatever you are interested in!


Ceiling Lights:




I love lighting SO much and could go on and on, but figured this was enough to give you  good idea of the types I am carrying.  I hope you'll go over and take a peek.

You can go to the store front here:

And I would be SO, SO GRATEFUL if you would "Like" my store here to help me spread the word!! (And if you want occasional product news and updates)

Thank you So much for reading!

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Design Crush: Jute Home

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Do you guys know of Alison Davin of Jute?  She did one of my favorite children's rooms of all time, which I'm sure you've seen before:

Then, this week, I saw (on Pinterest) this room that she did:

Clearly, Ms. Davin is no one hit wonder!  She is amazing at children's rooms:

And the rest of her portfolio is pretty amazing, too:

Isn't her work amazing? I'll have more for you in part 2 tomorrow!

Thank you for reading!

I hope you'll visit my store for Rugs, Lighting, Art, Furniture and more:

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,Must See Daily Deals at One Kings Lane!