How I Fixed Up My Living Room for a Photoshoot

Saturday, August 11, 2012

So I told you all a few weeks ago that Houzz was sending a photographer to shoot my house for an article....but it got postponed at the last minute because it was pouring out.  I'm kind of glad, because it gave me time to do some things I had been putting off. Namely, my living room. Here is how my living room looked up until yesterday (minus the gray fabric draped over the chair):

So I started with plain boring white, but I wanted stripes and nail heads. Sounds easy, but it was actually really hard to get everything lined up.  But here is how I did it:

Cut and iron the fabric into the desired width and length. LIGHTLY spray the middle section of the chairs with spray glue, making sure not to go outside the line of where the stripe is going to be.  Lay the fabric on and smooth the wrinkles (the hard part).

This is the fabric being attached to the underside of the chair:

Then the fun part - the nail heads.  First, the proper tools:

I spaced them just by using the width of my finger, but I read some where that a dime or penny is a good way, too (and probably more precise):

The finished chair, from the back:

The others, in progress:

Finished, from the front:

But I am very pleased with the result, and it looks MUCH better in person :)


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50 Favorites for Friday (#41)

Friday, August 10, 2012

OMG if I could buy one more thing without getting a divorce ) I would buy these tables - only $199 for World's Away tables?  COME on?  How do they do it???


And this is from yesterday, but since so many of you could access the post, here it is again:

I've also been looking at a lot of dining room items today for a client, and got inspired to write this.  I spent a lot of time at this dining room sale today - it is definitely one of the most well-curated sales I've seen in a long time.  Look at all this loveliness!!!  This little graphic I made is almost a design board - I sent it to the client, and if we can decide before things sell out, her dining room will be a mix of these.  I don't see how we can go wrong:

Finally, here are my 50 favorite images for the week. Happy weekend everyone!


Oh I love that last one!

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